Thursday, 26 January 2017

Australia Day 2017


So, in the days before Christmas, I went online to do some commenting, you know, since I'm a commenter for the Summer Learning Journey, and on Harry's blog (from Panmure Bridge), I commented this...

I commented the comment like that because he chose Australia as his destination for the Summer Learning Journey. And out of nowhere, an idea of making a video based off this comment based off Australia's national anthem came to mind. And so, I did it. On Boxing Day, when it was uploaded, I started to think...

Well...I did it...

Now what?


Why did I do this?

What was the point of making this video??

From that thought, I rushed to search online what Australia-related thing I could use as an excuse for making this video. Australia Day. Yes! Today is Australia Day! And to mark Australia's national day, I prepared a video dedicated to the country...


Happy Australia Day!
Image result for australia flag

This is totally not an excuse for posting this video since I had no idea what to with iiiit.

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