Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday 5th December - Today I Learned...

It was an early arrival for me. I came at around 8:45am, or 8:50am. I walked around the school in search of some other friends to walk with, but ended up walking around aimlessly without anyone by my side. Then, when I got bored of being alone, I walked up to B12, where a couple of classmates were. I enter and there was Daniel plainly pointing out my presence. I state that everyone else had probably knew that already, and that was quickly followed by some cheers (not really cheers per se, it was like some “ooooohhhhh”s from some). There was a lot of talk going on about me. I was told that on Saturday, Carlos, Cailib and some other people with them had tried to find where my house was so they would hopefully hang out with me, since I lived close by. But they couldn’t. I was still pretty spooked, though, because the Saturday before, Nathanael was shown where I lived (thanks to some other friend I know).

Two Saturdays in a row…

I feel like something big’s gonna happen.

But, I mean, crike, I need some privacy, you know, reader?

Oh, goodness, I’m spending way too much time on this. I shouldn’t even worry about it (for now). Anyway, moving on, to Period One. We didn’t have Health, like always. Instead, there was P.E. I didn’t know about this (along with many other students), since I was away on Thursday (when the notice was brought up), and though I was a bit stoked for P.E in the first period, I didn’t have my P.E uniform. But, it was alright. I was somewhere on Thursday. Anyway, at the start of the session, the reliever for P.E (Ms. Potter was here today) had told me and a few other students that we had to go to Ms. Macpherson about our French assignments or else we would not get our EC9 Diploma later on today.

With some other classmates (Zoe, another Zoe, Travis, and Jamie), we went to Ms. Macpherson’s office and talked to her about some of the assignments that needed to be handed in. I had already sent this Cultural Research poster a long time ago (I was a bit embarrassed when she showed it, since I wasn’t having any hope in it whatsoever), but I sent it to her Google account, which she doesn’t use as her main account. You see, reader, I’ve learned a little over the year that there are a lot of people who prefer either Google or Office as their main choice for doing school stuff. So, for me, I’m more of a Google person (meaning I usually use Google to do work), but most of the time I’ve no trouble using Office (Office 365) for usual working.

Anyway, I’ve got to move on to the important part of the day. So, I was given the okay from Ms. Macpherson about my poster and so I was looking forward to getting my diploma later on in the day. The assembly occurred during Period 5 (Math), and it was nice seeing mostly everyone getting their diploma. It would mean that they graduated from Year 9 and would go on to be Year 10s. I got mine later on in the assembly - Endorsed with Merit. Of course, I wasn’t the only one, there was probably 20 or more other people that got it. But, still, I passed!

I passed Year Nine!

I’m a Year Ten now!

Well, technically, I am, sort of, I think.

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