Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November - Part 1 of 2 - Today I Learned...

I woke up, at around 8:20am, I think, after sleeping in ONCE again. Uurgh, I just can’t help it, reader. I just can’t help it. What’s different this time is that I was supposed to wake Mum up at 7:00am, and I woke up at that time - but slept in - if you couldn’t imagine that. Mum woke up a bit flustered before realizing what the time was - because I didn’t know she was going to go somewhere, and rushed, getting ready to go somewhere. I got rushed to get ready, and so I was prepared to go to school quickly. Mum went off to wherever she was going, so Dad was going to drop me off. Getting through the traffic quickly but cautiously, Dad took me to school, at around 9:05am.

In Mentor, there was lots of the 9E guys finishing off their food webs, which were supposed to be finished today. I followed suit, trying to complete my food web. I was still struggling, if you didn’t know, and if I couldn’t finish it now, then I’d stay in at the firs-Morni-first brea-Morning Tea (urgh!) to finish it. I continued to work on it until the bell for the first period rang.

I then walked to Social Studies, and when I walked in there was some cooking equipment left on some desks. Ms. Minahan said that it was her last mentoring session with her group, and they had (what I think was) pancakes. Lucky. But, there must have been a bit of bittersweetness in there. Or, if I can say it, in the batter. Oh, boy, wasn’t that a great attempt at a reference to a tongue twister. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referencing that tongue twister with Betty and her bitter butter, so Betty gets some butter to make the batter better, and so Betty makes the bitter batter with the butter made the batter better.

Anyways, after Ms. Minahan cleared her stuff off the desks, we went into the lesson. Everyone continued with drawing some images related to the history of New Zealand’s economy. Since I didn’t have my Social Studies book yesterday (I forgot to mention that, whoops), and had to draw the first few pictures in my English book (at the back of the book), I was doing fine. Until I realized I was behind the other three guys on the table - Tyson, Cezar, and Kristopher. By the time Ms. Minahan had counted down, I had written some notes about the last three points and rushed it. I mean, for “New Markets” I made a note about Newmarket, that suburb in Auckland. Moving on, by the end of the period, the class had watched this short film about Nike, featuring football stars like Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Oh, how I remember the days back in Tamaki Primary last year, where Sulaiman (friend and classmate of mine from last year) talked about him almost all the time whenever we were on the subject of football. Oh, memories - how they float around and about and wait to be spoken out loud. But, back to Social Studies. While discussing about the video, a presentation then popped up and showed a slide showing familiar looking faces. I had to figure out the names of those faces. I only got about three names, I think.

Sorry for the short-ish post, the second part is pretty long...

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