Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November - Part 2 of 2 - Today I Learned...

The next class was Technology. Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you before, reader, but there’s Technology classes in Edgewater College! It’s like back in Tamaki Primary. There’s four subjects:
  • Music
  • Art
  • Design
  • Food
I mean, Music and Art wouldn’t really be part of Technology since it doesn’t associate itself with Technology, but it’s like the subjects in Technology at Tamaki Primary. Really nice. This term, I’m in Food Technology. Last term, I was in Design. Just like Design in Tamaki Primary, I didn’t do so well, but fortunately, I can resubmit to boost my grades up (because at the moment, they’re at Not Achieved). For this session of Food Technology, we were going to make pizza. Prior to the lesson, on last Friday, me and my group (I’m with Stephanie, Carlos, and Kahu, but Kahu never comes to the lesson) made dough, and we cooked with that dough. Nathanael (as always) was distracting the group as we prepared our pizza, and I was sharing some words in mock anger. I was a bit annoyed with him, but what can you do? With the ingredients in place and the pizza ready to put in the oven, my group and I then wrote names down on small pieces of paper so that we’ll take a picture of our individual pizza. Everyone did the same thing, taking a marker from the front of the class. Nathanael also went up to take one, but I protested, saying that he would take it and not return it. But, nothing was done about it.

My pizza was nice, after we got it out of the oven and cut it into pieces. Really hot, but nice. There were a lot of toppings on our pizzas, too, which was a bit much. If Kahu came to the lesson, though, we would’ve had four pizzas with enough toppings to go around, instead of having one of our pizzas filled with so much toppings. I mean, it wasn’t bad or anything - I mean, it’s a pizza, it’s good as it is, but if only Kahu came.

But she hardly comes to the cooking lessons anyway (on purpose, probably), so why bother. Anyway, moving on, I was going onto my third slice when the sauce arrived. Finally. After almost everyone else had it for how long they had it, it was my turn to squeeze some sauce on my slices. But, as I was going to enjoy the everlasting joy, Cody (this guy from 9D that I know) rocked up and “asked” for the sauce, and I was floored! Discriminated against! After a few seconds of serious protesting, I flippantly and slowly squirted the sauce on the slice. Cody then pushed my hand with the sauce off the pizza slice, and I was (mock) furious! Then, when things hadn’t already been annoying, Tyson stood up from his spot and came towards me, and I (mockingly) snapped, standing up, an-

“Stay away from me!” I loudly said, pointing the sauce bottle at Tyson.
He moved back slowly, as I said loudly, “I-I’m not afraid to use this!” and chuckled quietly with a smirk, as I heard murmuring going on in the background. Skip one minute, and I had resolved the situation by quickly using the sauce and giving it to them. Towards the end of the session, Mrs. Trollip informed the class that she had one marker missing, and that everyone would stay in if it was returned. A few things were going through my mind as I heard that. But I need to go to Science to finish my food web...Nathanael took it, keep him group didn’t even TAKE it, this is unbelievable...I need to buy a new pen!! After having a few thoughts, I then turned my attention to Nathanael. Actually, if I’m honest, almost everyone turned their attention to Nathanael. He’s usually the one that would take something like a marker, if I’m allowed to say that. If you knew the whole story about him, reader, you would understand, but I’ll need to save that story for a future post.

I’m kidding, I can’t be bothered telling a story with Nathanael in it. But, oh, well. Moving on. Everyone claimed that Nathanael took it, but Nathanael (unsurprisingly) denied that claim. This went about for a few minutes, before Tristin (another guy in 9D, who can be a bit of a bother at times, and that is a fact - just ask, well, anyone!) went up to a window and asked a random guy if he had a marker. He didn’t - he just smiled and went on his way. I turned to my group in curiosity, and asked, “Do you guys have the marker?”
“No.” they both said, almost in unison,
“Well,” I began, turning my head to the front, about to talk loudly again, “my group didn’t even take the marker! Why are we even here?!” I was slowly getting even more annoyed since I knew that we were going to stay in for the whole of the first break, and with that, I won’t be able to buy a new pen, and also, I won’t be able to go to the Science classroom to finish my food web, meaning that I’d be in detention at the second break. And, I was missing out of the first break!!

Also, can I mention that I’ve tried a little bit harder to get used to “First Break” instead of “Morning Tea” but sometimes it’ll just slip out, okay. It’ll just slip out.

Nathanael, after facing backlash for Markergate (play on those scandals like Ponytail-gate, Emailgate), stood up from his chair, and walked to his bag. A  little bit of applause began, with sounds of relief coming from everyone. Mrs. Trollip walked out of a room in the food tech kitchen. Nathanael then went into his bag, and pulled out a marker. “I knew it!” I thought, as he went to give it to Mrs. Trollip. He then explained that it was his marker, and that he wanted to give it to her. Most of the class laughed and laughed. It seemed as though he was being genuine for a second. Cue that harp music.

When we were eating our pizzas, I overheard Nathanael asking Aramus (classmate in 9E, mentioned him briefly in a previous TIL in May) if he wanted a slice:
“Do you want mine?” Nathanael asked.
Aramus laughed.
Carlos overheard too, and turned to me and told me (these words aren’t accurate, but close to what I remember), “I feel sorry for Nathanael when he’s trying to be serious. Like, he asks Aramus if he wants a slice and Aramus just laughs at him. That’s sad.”
“Yeah…” I replied, feeling a little sympathetic.

Okay, now back to what was happening at this moment in time. Mrs. Trollip was given the marker from Nathanael, and after close inspection, she came to the conclusion that it wasn’t one of her markers. “Oh, you’re a saint, Nathanael.” Carlos said, in a possibly sarcastic tone, sorta. Even with that little act of kindness, everyone still stayed in. For the whole break. Once the break was over, everyone went, group by group. And, just when it got better, Math was next. But, before going there, I got a pen from the office and made my way quickly.

I was late, but it was all worth it.

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