Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday 1st November - Part 1 of 2 - Today I Learned...


If you read yesterday’s TIL, I began the post with this:

“I woke up earlier than I thought I would this morning. 6:55am. I always had that opportunity to get up immediately, but always slept in.”

Well, sometimes, all good things must come to an end. I was sucked back into reality this morning and slept in, waking up at around 8:35am. I rushed to get ready and Mum dropped me off to school, at around 9:20am, and I went straight to Mentor, as I always did on a Tuesday. Jamie (classmate who was also late because of his bike losing air, I think) startled me as I walked to the classroom, and we told each other our reasons of being late. Upon reaching the locked door, Tyson (who was in the room) told me to go away. Typical. I knew he was kidding (well, I think he was) and I walked off...then came back a second later. Cailib opened the door, and I forgot the rest of the mentoring session, moving on now.

The bell rang for the first period.

I walked to French class. For French, everyone was still focusing on weather. I was getting the hang of it, you know, but since I left my French book at home, I was left confused on stuck on loose memories trying to piece each other together as we all did a Quizlet quiz on weather. In the last few minutes before the period ended, the final EC9 French Diploma Task was revealed. If I can describe it in a proper way, it’s sort of like a poster about yourself: your favourite things (subjects, music, people, all the rest), your age, your family, your birthday, and some other stuff about you...but it needs to be in French. That’ll be a toughie. But, so be it.

Next, Social Studies. It started off with a little Halloween story from Ms. Minahan. I mean, Halloween was yesterday, but we weren’t with her yesterday, so it kinda makes sense a little bit. It was about this woman by the name of Allie who told a story of her when she was a kid, and during one particular Halloween, she dressed up as a dinosaur, and that lead to the chaos which lead to having the dinosaur costume being taken away. Ms. Minahan read it from her blog, and she sounded familiar. Like, really. She did. Hyperbole and a Half. I read one of her posts from a while ago when I was surfing the internet, and this one time I was just wondering, “Spiders are pretty scary - is that normal?” and so I search it up...one thing lead to another, and I found her blog! She talked about the things lots of people (probably) think about when confronted by a spider. I mean, we’re a bit sorry, and the fear is irrational, but goodness, crike, they’re just, so, scary!

After the story, we did some work around the economic history of New Zealand. There was stuff about Maori people just trading at first with forests and hunting stuff, then after the European settlers came in, money was introduced. Then some other stuff about the Great Depression, all that stuff. Then the bell rang for the first break. Or Morning Tea, as other students still call it. I mean, yeah, I fall victim to that, too, but, you know, it’s just in the brain after a few years at Tamaki Primary, where everyone called the first break “Morning Tea”. In 2014 and 2015, the word “Interval” was introduced to my vocabulary, but that didn’t completely erase “Morning Tea” from my mind. If you’re wondering why I got sidetracked, it was on purpose, since I did the same thing me and my friends have done for the last week and a half. I mean, at least we went to a different place (which was the same staircase we usually hung out last term), but that was really it. A game of handball was being played by Royal and Marco (another mate of mine), but that was it.

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