Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thursday 3rd November - Part 1 of 2? - Today I Learned...

I got up at an earlyish time, to get ready quickly and neatly, along with Abbie, who was going to go to school for the first time in a week, since she got sick the last time she went to school. Mum took us both to our schools, the first stop at Tamaki Primary. Mum went inside with Abbie, doing whatever they were doing (probably ordering lunch), and I stayed in the car. Caleb (the music teacher at Tamaki Primary, whose music and recording skills made my Manaiakalani film possible last year) came by and we chatted a little bit about schoolwork here and there. He then went on his way, a few moments before Mum came back out and continued to take me to school.

I walked in through the school gates and Daniel, looking up from his phone, sitting on a bench, acknowledged my presence. “Willy...Willy! Ayyy!!” he called out harshly.
I gave him a deadpan look.
“Sit next to me!” he called out, expecting me to come sit next to him.
“No.” I replied to him, and continued on my way. I mean, to be clear, you don’t yell someone’s name twice in an extremely obnoxious manner and then expect them to sit next to you so you can tell them this “all new game” that has ridiculous mechanics that could turn plants into giraffes and piles of dirt into pigs. He’s a bit brash, you know, and I know I’m not the only one that thinks that. He would eavesdrop on someone’s conversation, and then barge in with his own opinion. And, frankly, no one really asks for that. Also, I wrote this in a previous TIL in July:

“Entering Block E, I saw Daniel. Oh, man. On the last day of Term Three I stayed with him in the Art Room for the majority of the lunch break (before Period 5) and he said I’d stay for about ten minutes. I stayed for almost half an hour, and when I got out, I couldn’t find my other friends! So I was left alone to walk alone and buy chocolate to contain my disappointment in losing them. Then the bell rang. Daniel lied to me.”
-Excerpt from 25th July

I kept walking until I was outside S Block. I would’ve kept on walking towards the inside of the building but there was a couple blocking the way, and I really hate it when I just come on by, walking past them, disturbing their privacy. But, you know, like, they’re in the way...literally, like, in the way of the path. Royal then came along, and we chatted for a few seconds. It got boring really quickly, and as Royal sat down on the bench, the bell rang! “Oh, wow!” he exclaimed, as I laughed a little. The leave-taking was brief, and I walked off to S2 (Block S, Classroom 2, if you didn’t know what that meant), and for the session, I think we spent some time having some talk about some stuff before some class. That “some class” was Food Technology.

During Period One, everyone in Food Tech watched this video about how bread is made. It had some stuff about what’s inside the bread, the process of bread making, some stuff about Australian bread, some stuff about other bread products and their process of being made, and that was about it. We then answered some questions about the video and...yeah, that was about it for Food Tech. Mrs. Scott (she was taking over the lesson) also pointed Nathanael’s kind act of giving one of his markers to Mrs. Trollip yesterday:

“Nathanael then went into his bag, and pulled out a marker. “I knew it!” I thought, as he went to give it to Mrs. Trollip. He then explained that it was his marker, and that he wanted to give it to her. Most of the class laughed and laughed.”

There was something wrong with what she said next, though. Mrs. Scott then said that Nathanael did that act and we all got out of class. Well, if you read yesterday’s TIL, well, we didn’t. The whole class kinda retaliated with endless statements that we stayed in the whole of the first break despite the act - because Mrs. Trollip didn’t accept it.

Well, it didn’t matter anyway, bygones will be bygones.

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