Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Remembering EOTC Week - Tuesday 24th November

"There's free choice in it!"

A new day, and the actual EOTC Week was going to happen. I mean, Athletics Day was a bonus to the week, since the weather wasn’t looking alright the Friday before. But, anyway, everyone got ready to go out to the Point England Reserve for the day, where we were going to enjoy and relax, but also spend some time doing some physical activities and some team-building exercises.

I had a great time at the Point England Reserve. Lots of time to just admire the view and watch everyone have some fun, doing what they like around the field and around the beach, and on a marvellous day, too, with the sunny weather and everything. I’ll never forget that leaf tornado, though. I don’t know why. It was such a great thing to look at, and to actually get myself into the tornado in the midst of all the madness was really rare, and is something that I probably won’t experience for a very long time. There’s only a few pictures from the event (I only took photos and didn’t have time to record any video). I tried to make it seem like a sort of “video” kind of thing in the EOTC Video I made, where I acted out as an Abraham-esque T.P.S News Reporter reporting breaking news that a leaf tornado had struck Point England Reserve. The video got deleted off (sadly, thanks to my bad organization, meaning the video wasn’t checked by anyone else other than myself), and only this screenshot from the long video remains.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 at 21.19.28.png

I really miss that video. ‘Tis a shame I never bothered to ask someone to actually check it before its first and only viewing.

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