Monday, 28 November 2016

Remembering EOTC Week - Monday 23rd November

"Fun? Yes, fun is the main word in today's event."

"Yes, I've been in it for four years, and even though I was in it by accident, I enjoy my group fully. My group is called Tobruk..."
Oh, Athletics Day. How I’ve had a good run with this event (ha!) through the years at Tamaki Primary, and boy, has it been such a wild ride. It all started back in 2010, my first year at Tamaki Primary. I wasn’t really put in a house group yet at the time, so when the teachers were calling out the names of the people in their house groups, I was so confused of what to do! Until one crucial moment occurred. A teacher called someone who’s first name was coincidentally my last name, and because of that…

I went off to the group. And, that group was…


In a later house meeting, I would realize that I shouldn’t have picked Tobruk as my group, for it was not the house I was personally related to. I won’t say the house I wanted to be in, because I’ve grown so used to Tobruk these days. But, moving on, this became what I would call, a blessing in disguise, or, a happy accident, for all the losses were paid off with a Tobruk win in 2014.

But, after lots of talk going on, it was revealed that Tobruk cheated that time.

Well, it was still good while it lasted :) So, in 2015, Tobruk needed to rely on some hard work and some fast running to really get that fair win. And what do you know, it kinda pays off!

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