Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday 23rd November - Today I Learned...

Oh, crike.

I just realized that I haven’t really done the series every day of the week for the last two weeks. I’ll explain it quickly. Two weeks ago I was part of a leadership programme (along with 30+ other year nines) and that meant that I would be going out of class. After the announcement on Monday, the rest of the school week had sessions each day. Well, except Friday. Coach Tu (the presenter of the whole programme) had to go somewhere else, so Friday was a normal day, but on the Tuesday last week, there was the final session to do the graduation and conclusion of the programme, and most of the students got a certificate.

My certificate had my last name spelt incorrectly.

I mean, I’m not surprised, that can happen sometimes. In late 2014, Chardonnay (old friend from Tamaki Primary) and I were the only year sevens to get a certificate from the year eight graduation. My last name was spelt a little wrong, but I still hang it up to display the fact that I received a certificate, and that’s exactly what it’s going to be like when I put my L.E.A.D certificate on the wall.

If I get it soon.

Moving on, I came late to school again. Gosh, I need to sleep earlier. I keep trying to do a lot of revision and sometimes I don’t look at the time. Anyway, I walked to S2, thinking to myself that I was going to be greeted with comments that I was late (as if I didn’t know that already). I walked to Block E so I could get to the classroom quicker but it was locked. “Ohh, what…” I said, continuing to grasp the door handle. I tried to open it a few more times.


Yep, it wasn’t going to open. But, while standing at the spot I was standing, with my hand on the door handle, I saw Mrs. Quigley! If I saw her out of the classroom after 9:00am, then I knew I wasn’t going to be late. I quickly moved away from the locked door and turned right around a corner. Seeing the clear way, I began to walk pretty quickly just so time wouldn’t be wasted walking to class. On my way, I saw that hardly anyone was at the door, just Sam and Daniel. Leaning casually acting as though I didn’t come late, I saw Mrs. Quigley come and open the door. For the mentor session, I helped Kristopher with his essay about chocolate in fair trade. Oh, how it brought back memories of reading people’s work back in Tamaki Primary...oh, how the spelling was just so close to being right, but wasn’t so right in the end - like “indestroy” instead of “industry”. I gave him some advice and then tried rewording his conclusion before 9:30am came, since he repeated the same thing again and again for his conclusion.

Social Studies was first, and we started off with some Kahoot! about the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games. The last time we did a Kahoot! on this subject, I came out on top, with my name being Winston. Oh, how I remember the look on my face when I was on an answer streak. Oh, how I felt so accomplished that I knew my stuff about the Ancient and Modern Olympics. But, that was going to change. I sat next to Aramus and we all got out devices, logged in to Kahoot, and it began. It started off with a few good questions, but Aramus kept mentioning (well, not really, he only did it twice) that he was a few points ahead of me. Then, when one question came up (I forgot what question it was), I pointed Aramus to the wrong option, and he was (mock) resentful. He then got the next few questions wrong by himself. Ha. He then tried to click on a wrong answer so I would get something wrong - only to realise he clicked on the right answer. Haha. “You’re lucky, Willy.” Aramus told me in a tone which signalled defeat, but sooner or later Miss Fortune would strike me.

It was at this time where 9E was a few questions from the finish, and I began to slowly bring the laptop off the table and onto my lap - just so that Aramus wouldn’t click on the wrong answer. What I didn’t know was that my finger was resting on the power button, and when I had to grasp the laptop, my finger pressed it, giving me a screen telling me it was shutting down.

Dang it. I shouted in exclamation and covered my face with my palms. Oh, goodness, me, I was embarrassed. Aramus then noticed and laughed, while I repeatedly said something about karma and Miss Fortune getting me. After Kahoot ended, it revealed that Erika (classmate) won with all thirty questions correct. For the rest of the period, everyone was either working on this essay about Fairtrade or some revision for next week’s Social Studies exam.

The bell rang later on, and Food Technology was next. There was going to be a cooking assessment all to do with bread snacks. I was going to make a calzone. A calzone is sort of like a pizza, but you fold it so it becomes a semi-circle. Last week when I made it, it didn’t go so well, leaving the rest of my group (Stephanie and Carlos) down. Kahu would’ve been there, but...she hardly comes to Food Technology anyway. Yeah, okay, she sometimes comes, but again - she hardly comes.

Anyway, moving on. I was going good with preparing the ingredients and stuff, along with making sure the flour was done right, because unlike last time, it was more round. Cooked in the oven and taken out, I prepared those tablemats they use to put under the plate, along with Carlos and Stephanie. Then, when I had my calzone on my plate (I should mention this for future reference, Nathanael took my original plate that I was going to use, so I had to take another one...I knew he would take it…), I used a camera to try and get a good photo of the product, along with (again) Carlos and Stephanie. I mean, we had to take a photo since it was part of the assessment. It tasted alright. Hot, but alright. Dry, but still, it was alright. It wasn’t golden brown like last time, but it was alllright.

Morning Tea came along. Yeah, there’s this new pastime that’s going around now, and me and my friends are on the wagon. School handball: the only game where after five years, I’m still not great at it. We’ve been playing that game for a long while now, and we’ve been through some rough times. Salesi lost one handball and popped his other one, and how could I forget the fact that he brought Japan and France into the game (he and Marco did Japanese, Royal and I did French), and at some points it got heated. Really heated. Partly because of the hot weather (ha!). But, yeah, that was pretty much it during Morning Tea.

The rest of the day was just some revision for the upcoming exams. There was the French exam tomorrow (along with the Japanese and Maori exam, but, you know, I’m in French, so I’ll stay focused on the French exam).

Oh, and this is a bit off topic from the whole school-day thing, but the Blogger Dashboard has changed! I mean, first off, and this is obvious, but it looks so much more...newer, than the old dashboard - more modern. But, yeah, that's all I've got for this post.

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