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Reading Response on a Song!

Hi, reader!

It's been SO long since the last time I did a post.
Sorry for not posting a bit last week - usually, during the holidays, I would actually blog more since I've got more time, but unfortunately I fell sick, and I didn't really feel like I was into making a post if I wasn't 100% good. I'm still not 100%, but I might as well post something before I feel sick again!

Okay, so, here's a little story to set the scene. It was either a late night at home on January, and I was sitting on the couch in the living room surfing through the channels to see what caught my eye. Mum, Dad, Abby, and Nana (she was still here at this time) were off to a farewell party for Nana (she was going to Samoa in a few days). Martin (my brother) was sleeping upstairs. Switching through the channels, I thought I would go onto that MTV Music channel that played music. It shocked me. "RIP DAVID BOWIE" the title of the programme said. I know, I know, I'm a bit late to the "party" about his passing but just wait for it. I had come at the perfect time, since a song of his was beginning to finish. I can't describe the feeling the first time I heard the song. It felt so different to any other music I had listened to in the past year. This song opened me up to the songs of David Bowie - more specifically, the 1970s era (and the early 1980s).

Skip a few months, and this song would be the focus of one of my reading responses. Take a read of the long (sorry) response below:

“Heroes”, sung by David Bowie is an art rock song. Written and recorded in Berlin, the song can be interpreted as a story about an imperfect couple who exchange their love through the dangers of the Berlin Wall, and Bowie sings as the man portraying his message to his lover. Two things in the song that stand out to me is how the voice changes through the song to make the lyrics stand out, and that the lyrics tell a longing for freedom and, if one can interpret it that way, love.

The first thing that stands out to me in the song is how Bowie’s voice changes through the song to get the lyrics across to the listener, let alone to his lover. This stood out to me because Bowie shows raw emotion expressing his longing to be with his lover, even though in the end it implies that they don’t even become a couple. The parts where he was essentially shouting the lyrics made me feel sympathetic and uplifted. I feel that way because of the power used to give a clear message of love and hopeful prosperity, or an image to envision, to his love that will defy the odds. In the song, Bowie sings “I, I will be king...and you, you will be queen...” twice, but in different tones, showing In the first verse he sings this with little emotion, almost comforting and reassuring to his lover. As the song progresses, David amplifies his voice to the point of shouting the lyrics out, making the message loud and clear. This aspect of the song shows that Bowie doesn’t give up on his message that he gives to his lover. I can connect with this aspect of the song. There’s times where I’ve yelled the same message twice to get the actual message across to someone, and in doing that, they actually got the message. For example, there was this Year Nine Physical Competition that happened earlier this year and it ended with a volleyball match, with 9E and 9D against the rest of the Year Nines. There was a rule about not crossing the cones, and so I enforced that rule a couple times, up to the point where I yelled it out loudly with passion and spirit.

The second thing that stands out to me in the song is the way the lyrics portray some sort of message, even if it just focuses on the two lovers, can be interpreted in different ways. This stood out because not only did the lyrics sound beautiful from the way Bowie performs them, but the lyrics almost perfectly fits in with the “heroic” instrumental. The message that I was getting made me feel once again uplifted. I feel uplifted from this aspect of the song because the lyrics pose an irony on the meaning of “Heroes”. There’s even quotes on the actual title of the song, implying that the couple aren’t exactly the kind of heroes people would first think of. The two lovers will become “heroes” for one day once they conquer the doubts and hardship they face in their environment. In verse two, Bowie points out the harsh reality making impact with his fantasy, of his and his lover’s imperfections, of how his lover “can be mean” and how he can “drink all the time” but it’s because “they’re lovers” that they belong together, although in the end it’s not a happy ending, for they don’t get to be together, but “could be safer just for one day” if they were together for one day. I enjoy the fact that the lyrics, even if they mainly talk about a German couple living on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall proclaiming their love for each other, can also teach the listener to look at the silver lining of a grey cloud. This aspect of the song can connect with any situation that involves some sort of adversity and people who strive for a better outcome from their little dilemma. Some of the lines in the song (“I will be king! And you! You will be queen!” and “And nothing! Will tear us away!” are some of the lines) showcase the courage and determination to get through their problems, whether it be an addiction they’re trying to overcome, overcoming criticism for being part of the minority, or getting through a crisis.

The song “Heroes” by David Bowie overall made me feel inspired, and I enjoy it not only is it one of his inspirational and well known songs, but because it is truly a masterpiece with both the vocals fitting the music.

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