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Monday 10th October - Today I Learned...

T H A T   W A I T I N G   I S   A   
V I R T U E   
T O W A R D S   A   
P A T I E N T   V I R T U A L I T Y

Hi, reader. Last week I didn't really that many posts for Today I Learned...

But I tried doing Monday. And so I want to share with you what I typed down before I kinda left it there...

I mean, I don't want to leave it there, gathering digital dust...
I woke up at around 6:00am thanks to a little disturbance that woke me up, forcing me to do some work around the bed I was sleeping in (I was sleeping in the spare room) and before I even went to sleep, the alarm went off at 7:00am. I got up a few minutes later at the sound of Mum calling me to get ready, and so I did. I got the uniform on, and got my lunch ready, and so Mum took me off.

To the doctor. Early in the morning. If you didn't know already, reader, I am still a little sick from some bacterial infection that's been in my system for a few weeks. And the holidays hadn't been the best because of the infection. On Tuesday on the first week of the holidays, I experienced the strangest thing that (with no doubt) I have experienced before. It was like this sickness that made me feel like dying for the whole day, but in the next two days, I was fully better (but I still had the annoying cough). And White Sunday was coming, too, so I was a bit worried that my cough hadn't gone away. So after a bit of discussion, my Mum decided to take me to an appointment so I can get the school without being too late.

SPOILER ALERT: I still came in too late.

So we were at the doctor, and as always, it took FOREEEVEEERRR. Well, not really, I just wanted to use a hyperbole for once in a while. I was on the verge of sleeping for waiting so long, and that hasn't happened to me in a long time. I mean really: so bored I wanted to sleep. AND I was also a bit annoyed when a doctor called a name similar to mine, and the receptionist gesturing me to go quickly, but then find out it's a completely different person. I mean, gah! That was annoying!

But then, Mum and I finally got called over. I told the doctor about this sharp pain that kept/keeps coming every time I coughed/cough, and I was told that it could just be some muscular pain because of the coughing. And I understood that, but Mum wanted some tests done quickly just to see if the kidney was alright. And it was, according to the short tests made by one of the staff. And from there, Mum took me-well, first to the supermarket to buy some stuff, and then dropped me off to school, and I was really late, and I walked into the classroom with some arousal from some classmates. I think it was probably the haircut. I made the decision to have a different kind of haircut that, weirdly enough, got me compliments, and what a happy guy I was.

Oh, man, this post is long. I'll just try to keep it simple, then, reader. I missed out on half the lesson for Health, and upon realising that there was going to be an assessment about the whole topic, Tyson told me I was stuffed. Well, technically, he was right, since I missed out on the important stuff that could be crucial for the little assessment next week. For Science, we continued on this thing about this experiment where we roasted a peanut, and some other energy work that we completed quickly. I mean, gosh, I'm not going to be be good in the next Science test.
And that's where I ended it off...

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