Saturday, 3 September 2016

Friday 26th August - Today I Learned...

I woke up a bit later than I would’ve wanted to, and got ready. Did all the things I did to get ready for a new day for school, and then wore some mufti clothing. Well, it’s technically mufti since it’s not the uniform, but since it’s college now, I guess it’s a bit less “colourful” than the mufti clothes I’d usually wear and see when I was in Tamaki Primary. I wore this short-sleeved, maroon shirt, with that sweatshirt I wore at my uncle’s wedding last year, and some jeans that the uncle gave me a few months ago, and light navy blue vans shoes that were…….just in the garage, really….


Abby got ready and so me and Mum dropped her off to school. As always, there’s someone saying “Hi” to me as I arrive. I went to the office as Abby went to her class, I did her order for her lunch. While I’m still talking about being in the school, I need to tell you, reader, about someone who’s not really at the school anymore...Mrs Manuyag. I’m going to make a post about this soon after this but goodness me, I still can’t believe it…

Ohhh, boy, the feels were starting to kick in, but I left the school grounds before I started to show some emotion. Mum dropped me off to school with some money - some for lunch, and some for the donation. A dollar coin and a two dollar coin. I should probably explain why I mentioned a donation.

Okay, so there was a fundraiser happening in Edgewater College today and the donations were going to go towards a defibrillator, and there are eight people in the school that have heart conditions...I’m probably one of them, because of my heart condition (just a heads up, it’s a syndrome, but it sounds more weirder than it really is, so I call it a condition), so I might as well give a bit more than just a dollar. Three dollars. It’ll be useful in the event of a heart attack, and I’m not kidding, it just takes a couple of minutes to restart the heart before you get brain damage.

But moving back to the mufti day, I arrived at school with a bit of time left, walking by as faces passed and chatter scattered. Carlos walked by and told me I looked “fresh”. I repaid the compliment by saying he looked fresh as well. I saw some of my mates talking some things out on a bench near the bushes, and they greeted me as I walked towards them. Denzel gave me a hug after a reminder that I had a heart condition, and I thought that was pretty sympathetic, really. Pretty nice.

But long story short, because I didn’t finish this post in went well, I got a few compliments on my choices of clothing, during P.E we practised some football (or soccer) drills, during the lunch break I went to this free Peace Week concert that included some singing and dance battles, and I saw Bradley (guy I met at the Manaiakalani Student Ambassador presentations last year) win the crowd over with his moves, and then for Technology, we were researching ideas for our designs for our keyrings that we were going to design in a few lesson’s time.

There we go.

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