Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tuesday 30th August - Part One of Two - Today I Learned...

I woke up as fresh as a flower in the beginning of springtime, and made myself breakfast. Usually I would have cornflakes, but this time it was cereal that I hadn’t eaten in a long time. I got ready for school afterwards and Dad dropped me off to school. I got there as the bell rang and so Mentor occurred. Nothing much was happening besides some talk about attendance and credits. Speaking of credits, I had 68 credits last week, but the night before I checked my results page and I had 64! Apparently for this cyberbullying resource that I worked on with Cezar and Aramus last term, I received a Not Achieved mark, but last week it was a Merit!

But then again, Aramus sent a message saying Social Studies was his least favourite subject as a joke. And I did joke about the fact that if Ms. Minahan (Social Studies teacher) read that, she’d give a Not Achieved grade. Now look what happened. Not Achieved. Gooodness know, reader, I really find it weird when the joke comes true - and it’s happened a lot of times in the past few weeks.
After the mentoring session finished, I walked out of S2 (Block S, Classroom 2, by the way), and to the front office. For today, I was going to be the runner. I didn’t really choose to be the runner for the day, I was probably chosen at random since I wasn’t paying attention at the start of Health when Ms. Potter was picking people to be the runner for each day of the school week. I was caught up in talking about the weekend and some references to Shortland Street and that drugs were bad (if you don’t remember, reader, Health is currently focused on Alcohol and Drugs), and when I got the slip of paper that I was the runner for Tuesday (or “today”), I realised I should’ve paid attention so I could pick a day.

Coming back to today, I was sceptical at first. The word “run” wasn’t a good matching word with me since early 2015. Nevertheless, I wanted to know what it was like. Every student in 9E is going to do a day of being a runner for the office, and from what I’ve heard from previous runners of 9E, it was either fun in the morning but boring in the afternoon, or boring because they just walked around giving notes to classrooms. I didn’t expect a lot from the job, so I went to the front office and one of the receptionists took me around to where I was going to be sitting. She took me to the student reception office (where I just walked past before entering the office) and pointed out to where I was going to sit and wait for the messages to take to the classrooms. There was the map of the school on the wall just to see where the classes were sticked on the wall, just in case I forgot where they were.

And so it began. I sat down at my seat, pulled into the desk, and grabbed a book that I got out of the library the other week, and began reading, and jotted down some words I didn’t know. Then the first notice came to me. I walked all the way to R6, I think, and knocked on the door. Awkwardly, I was told it was the wrong classroom. Wow. The first message and it wasn’t the right classroom. That gave me a lemon. But, you know, reader, the second try makes the lemon die, am I right? So I walked back to the student reception office, and the woman who gave me the sheet realised it was the wrong class, and wrote down R7. It was the classroom that’s behind the main R Block classrooms. I walked over and there was the person I needed, and I walked back to the student reception office.

There was a moment where I kept going to B2 (Block B, Classroom 2), and on the way out, I saw Tyson in his Japanese class. I made up a little joke from there about how since I wasn’t in most of my classes, that I was a “ghost” for some reason, and that I’d hover outside the windows, to “scare” him. Tyson saw me, and walked up to the door and in return, scared me!

I waited for a bit before getting more pieces of paper, and as I walked off to find the classrooms, the bell rang for the second period. This was going to be a toughie, because if the papers I had were for the first period, and the people I needed were going to their classes for the second period...then I’d have to hurry to them quickly before I get lost. I headed to R7 again (to check if anyone was there) and whoopty-flippity-doo, I went the wrong way, and the quickest way to R7 was through the mud. I thought it wouldn’t be that the dialogue below to see if I was doing alright with walking through the mud…

“Oh, okay, okay, okay……

oh, whoa-

AH! No!


Ahh! Gosh!


Ahh, NOO!

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