Sunday, 21 August 2016

What Happened Last Night...

It was weird and scary, basically.

Every Saturday night, well, almost every Saturday night, when I go to bed and outside my window I could hear faint sounds of partying. And people's voices. Though it wasn't clear, I know they were talking. Or at least shouting, as I could hear them. Late at night, the sky filled with (drunken) sentences of cheer and enjoyment, and some banter from people to people.

But this Saturday, it was different.

I was on the netbook past midnight, searching some stuff. At around 12:15am to 12:20am I searched something about "new sports in barcelona olympics" because I was in the mood of trying to finish my Social Studies stuff about the Olympic Games, and the different cities that hosted the Games in different years. Switching through tabs, I was listening to music and planning some stuff to blog later on. Today I Learned was going to start again after I failed to start it in Week One, then with the work from school I delayed it even more...

And then bang. The first shot. I felt startled. Thoughts ran through my mind. Is that a firework? That's a weird firework sound. It's too loud to be a firework. Too rough. It doesn't resemble a rocket going in the sky. Could it be...

Oh, no...don't say it's it really a...

Gunshot. It sounded like a gunshot. But, wait, really? A gunshot in Panmure? How could this be? Immediately, there was yelling by a man-like voice yelling and cursing all over the place. His voice was REALLY loud. As I type this down, I still can't believe I could hear him I called to Mum and Dad and the following is close to what I actually said because it's hard to remember:

"Mum, Dad. Did you hear that? Sounded like a gunshot..."
"Thought it was a firecracker." Dad said from the bedroom where he was lying with Mum.
"It's a gunshot. There's someone yelling..." I replied to Dad, and no one talked. Only the sound of the man yelling and probably some other voices filling and killing the silence. Dad and Mum stood up and looked out the window. I walked a bit quicker, looking at the clock. I couldn't tell, but it was almost 12:20am. Probably 12:18am, but I wasn't sure. I was worried that someone could've been killed from that gunshot. I opened a window in the sitting room (or living room) and-



Then a shattering sound.

Oh, no, not again. Dad became more worried and called me to go to my room because, well, the lights in our home were still on because I was the only one downstairs, so I needed the lights on, you know? I shut the window as Dad called me again and so I ran upstairs and into my room. My window was open and, once again, I hear yelling. But not the good kind of yelling this time. People yelling and screaming and shrieking outside on the streets. Mum knocked on the door and asked me if I locked everything. I went downstairs once again, but not with the lights on, to check everything. I ran back up, puffing a little, and Mum told me to not open the door if anyone knocked. This was truly weird. In the last six years of living in Panmure, I've never heard a gunshot late at night. And it really was late. Past midnight.

Lying in bed, I heard helicopters flying by, above Panmure, accompanied by the barking of police dogs. Just so weird, reader, so weird. Really weird. I hadn't heard anything like it. I looked out of my window one more time to see what was happening at that moment and saw a line of police officers walking along Tripoli Road. So many police officers. And so much barking...from the police dogs, as the minutes passed.

The next morning, and I woke up quite early for a Sunday morning (around 8:30am), and I went to the netbook to see what was on the Herald. And wow, wouldn't you know it, reader, the shooting event is one of the stories. I watched a video of the aftermath, with police cars filling up the road, and people navigating their way through the sunken dream of the party that was once alive, shot down by a gunshot. And also some of the police dogs walking by Kay Road.

It was weird and scary, basically.

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Rhonda Kelly said...

Great first hand account of your Saturday night experience, Willy. Sounds scary - glad to hear you got to sleep!

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