Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tuesday 23rd August - Today I Learned...

I forgot to say, reader, there’s a Book Club thing happening with the Year Nine boys this term. Well, it’s some of the Year Nine boy mentor groups It’s not every week, but it’ll happen on some days during a mentor session. I came a bit early (probably five minutes early) and I busted out a pun or five to Daniel while we ate some cookies and hot chocolate for the Book Club session. He didn’t enjoy it.

For the Book Club this morning, Ms. O’Rorke talking about a book she was reading, and also a book that another teacher recommended, which was called “A Monster Calls” and she read a bit of the story to us. It sounded pretty scary, but Ms. O’Rorke pointed out that it’s not the regular scary story, as it changes into a different...thing as the story goes on. Everyone then did an activity where they had to match the book with a teacher, just from looking at a few pictures of books being held up by the teachers, covering their faces. I partnered up with Daniel, but we both gave up since the area was filled with eager Year Nine guys.

After Book Club, there was French. I was walking to my French class, slowly becoming all cheery and stuff, along with some other guys walking near me, singing a little song in my head. I was getting in the mood to face what was coming for French, because I never knew what might happened. I mean, last week I was one of the students in my French class that swapped with some of the students learning Japanese and so I spent forty minutes (five minutes getting ready) learning what the numbers were in Japanese. I forgot, because my brain can only remember one foreign language at a time. By the way, it was for the International Languages Week to partake in another language class to see what it was like. But anyway, I was walking to class where out of the doors that lead inside the side of the building where the classroom was in, Daniel popped out and said to go to the library.

Ohhhhh, maann. Not again…

But for the rest of the period, it went well, went quite well…

I’ll skip Social Studies, because it was all normal. Ha, I don’t mean it in any bad way, the only thing that really happened was that the whole class watched a little video about the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and some facts about Hitler about his life, because he was the Chancellor of Germany during that time...and also started World War Two…

Oh, boy, that was something I never expected to learn about. But it’s weird how he relates to the Olympics (but not in a good way, he used it as propaganda). Oh, and the tables have really changed. At the moment, there’s only two tables at the front of the classroom. That was a bit...different...

But anyway, moving on. English (skipping the first break) went well, Ms. Clark wasn’t here because she was at that thing and I talked a little bit about it:

“I saw a bus outside the school. From reading that, you might think it’s a school bus that came extraordinarily late, but, it was for this trip that some older students were going on. I didn’t know much about it, so I decided not to dwell on that.”

Yeah, she was on that little trip thing. I still didn’t know much about, so I decided again not to dwell on that. There was a reliever (Ms. McKay) and everyone continued on with their formal writing. Nathanael was sitting two seats away from me, giving me some space so I wouldn’t get distracted, but someone filled the spot. Carlos filled that spot, but since he was becoming ever so...what’s the word for it...provocative, or...turbulent, in some ways, whenever he’s been near me for work. So, five minutes before we went for math, I decided to break the truth to him. I didn’t want him to sit next to me during math anymore, just for the sake of staying on task. He soon begged for another chance, but I stuck by my decision, and then as the bell rang for math, I walked off in silence.

He followed close behind as I entered, and I got some time to sit at my same spot, and just waited for him to notice that I placed my bag on his usual seat. He got the message.

I felt kinda bad for doing that. But, at the same time, or that point of time where I was sitting down and getting my things ready, it felt like a big weight just came off my shoulders, telling how I felt for once. I mean, sure, it could’ve all been a joke this whole time, but still, it’s gone a bit too far now. I would explain what he’s done, but it’s just that he's been a bit distracting for a while and it was getting a bit repetitive.

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Gazza Ft Trekz said...

Hi Willie, looks like your having a GREAT time at Edgewater College, I like the way you put in a lot of information!!! You really do represent Tamaki Primary well!


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