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HOSTAGE - Chapters 12-18

We're continuing the Hostage summary posts....but anyway...

Chapter 12. Back in the interview room. Obviously, Tully didn’t have any interest and wasn’t in any relationship with Griffin.

Moving on....

Chapter 13 talked about the first time Tully saw Griffin - outside the office talking about the school fees. Chapter 14, now, and Tully walked to Ravel’s schoolies party. Nathan was probably there, with a girl named Desi, who Tully didn’t really like as the book inferred. While having a chat with Desi about Nathan about taking her instead of Tully, some relationship rumour, people moaning about exams, I found out Tully had turned 17 in August. I also learned that Desi could be a bit...naive, in some ways, in Tully’s eyes. After more talking with Desi, Tully then dived into the crowd wave to find Ravel. She was in the kitchen. Upon finding her, Tully is told by Ravel to get out. Because, Tully wasn’t invited. You know, reader, Ravel could’ve just said that out in the open to Tully back in the gym change room instead of complicating the message and not making it all a hint. But, luckily, she didn’t, or else she’d be even more angry at Tully for coming. Ravel called her boyfriend, Lucas, to take Tully out of the party. But, Tully, flipped the table by changing the context, making it look like Ravel was introducing Lucas to Tully. Smart. She moved away to a dark room where there was music playing. She then got bumped into by Griffin  as he surfed through the crowd. It was the last time she would see him until Christmas Eve…

Chapter 15 saw Tully back in the interview room, where one of the interviewers, Constable Tognetti, asked about Griffin. Tully stated that he was just ‘some guy’. Chapter 16 took us back to the car on Christmas Eve, where Tully realized it was Griffin who was driving. It turned out that, while chatting, she knew a lot about Griffin. And, if things weren’t thriller-like yet (even though we’re at Chapter 15, so it’s probably already thriller-like from the crime Griffin’s done which was abducting Tully), Griffin knew a lot about Tully…

Whaaat...pretty weird, but the story moved on. Tully noticed that Griffin was driving to Deer Park, where she used to live. Chapter 17 was where Tully said that Griffin didn’t really have a plan on where he was going while he abducted her. Moving onto Chapter 18, Tully talked about like in Deer Park. She talked about living with her mother, and living next door to these two ladies who:

  • Lived together.
  • Were probably sisters from their last name: De Angelo.
  • Wore black dresses with tight-fitting cardigans while they went for walks
  • Grew vegetables and offered Tully’s mother, but were rejected, but then gave peas or beans to Tully after they found her eating some from their garden.
  • Had a dog named Enricho and a cat named Fuego. They were kinda cute as Tully described them, but she described them in a good way because they died a long time ago, and were professionally stuffed so they would look nice...yeah, that made me feel both sad and shocked when I read that the first time. I mean, it REALLY got me when I didn’t expect it, just like Tully when she didn’t expect Griffin taking her.
  • Had no other family.
  • Had pictures of other people’s families hung up on their walls.
  • Had Christmas dinner with Tully and her mother on the year they lived there.
  • Made Tully and her mother pose for a photo before Tully and her mother moved away.

But, yeah. Tully knew Deer Park, and not much had changed, according to Tully, as she looked outside the car. Griffin pulled over near a chemist, where Tully wanted to get the stuff for Griffin with his script. But this failed when Griffin realized there was a police station nearby. Instead, Griffin got out and told Tully to stay in the car.

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