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Wednesday 13th April - Year Nine Physical Competition (I don't know the actual name)

Hi, reader. This is another post that I didn't publish from a long time ago, because it was never finished. Now it is. Enjoy reading...
The following happened in the last period of the day, between 2:30pm and 3:20pm.

I changed into my P.E gear as I walked onto the field. This field wasn't the same field I talked about in the last post with the Peer Support Leaders, but it was that one part of the field where I thought the bubbleball soccer activity was being held, but ended up being the area where a rugby (or rugby league) game was beginning. All the other Year Nine classes (like 9D, 9E, 9W, and the other classes which I didn't bother remembering) were changing into their P.E gear, and beginning to sit in their classes. 9E wasn't in one class, it was more spread out. I tried gathering everyone in 9E to sit where I wanted them to, but, you know, I didn't want to do that again.

It might make me a bit pretentious. Or something like that.

But, moving on. We all sat together after a few minutes, and this guy started to talk, with the Peer Support Leaders behind him. This felt like Athletics Day. But, I looked around and saw obstacles. At least I wasn't JUST running. Actually, I was thinking about not participating, because, you know, my heart...thing...I don't call it a problem, because, well, it's not a problem until it actually becomes a problem...

ANYWAY, after the guy talked about the rules and such about what was happening for each obstacle, we all went off. I was already confused on something. Everyone (well, probably everyone) brought their bags to the field. Were we supposed to take them with us to each obstacle? I was confused, carrying my bag back and forth. It was decided that I just leave it there. Onto the first obstacle, now, and I realize that I was going to run. A lot. But, I was sure I could handle it, I need to run at least once every other day, right? So, I started off. Going through the flags (or whatever they're called), diving under one balance beam, jumping over another balance beam, walking (or just running) on top of a board, then going under the first net (there were two), and I started to realize...

I should've asked if I could sit out. But, nooo.....I had to go under this net, and the two Peer Support Leaders don't know that-
"I have a heart syndrome!" I yelled out while almost getting through, "Can I just cheat?"
"No, you gotta keep going!" a Peer Support Leader yelled back. Well, something along those lines they said that. So, to their encouragement, I continued on, and grabbed an ammo box (when I first heard that I thought someone brought a gun to school, because, you know, the word "ammo") and attempted to go under another net, but, an angel was right there at the right time. She told me to just crawl over it. I just ran off. Running back to the line, I was puffing. Lying on the ground. Looking at the sky. The next turn was going to kill me.

Then, regrettably, I had another turn.

The signal rang. Everyone went to the next activity. Or, as I call it, obstacle course. It was at one of the two rugby posts, and everyone had to lie down. What a relief. After just running my heart out, I could let my heart beat slowly, as I look at the partly cloudy sky. Denzel's lying down on the other side of the rugby post. I forgot to mention this, but 9D were our opposition, and they were going pretty slow for their, uhh...line...it wasn't a line per se, because you were lying down, and the person who lied down first would have to run to the front to lie down, and you would have to do this until you reached somewhere. I was the first person to lie down (unsurprising, since I wanted to lie down...smart, right?) so I ran to the front, and laid down.

Skip a minute of people running to the front to lie down and yes! 9E were in the lead and we all rushed from the down on the ground to behind some cones, but it was bittersweet....Sam was hurt. I don't have any information - especially to this day - about how he got hurt. He was in pain. Real pain. From the looks of it, I only knew that it was his arm. Or hand. Or wrist. Somewhere inbetween the shoulder and the hand, something wasn't right. An impromptu sling was made from his shirt (which was actually really, really, REALLY smart!!) and he walked off. The only thought on my mind before I ran through another course was that...that impromptu sling looked so smart! Whoever thought of that must be beyond smart! I had never seen that before!

Gosh...but moving on with running, I sprinted to a cylindrical rugby tackle bag that was lying horizontally on the ground, leaped over it, kept running, leaped over another one, and ran back to everyone else. I don't know who won this activity but I'll just say 9E....yeah, I'll just assume we won. I mean it was worth the trouble. The signal rang for the next activity. It was tug of war. With 9...W? I think it was 9W...well it was the class Stanley and Lolo were in, I knew that for sure.

It was hard. First round - we lost. Second round - we lost. Third round - we won I think...

Or we lost. I forgot. After the tug of war, we moved onto...well...I think that was it, the next and final part of the whole thing was the big red ball challenge thing. I don't know what it's called, but I know there was a big red ball. It was pretty big, and pretty...uhh...how can I put this...hard to hit easily. My arm was aching for a few minutes after I tried hitting the red ball the other way. To make things short, every Year Nine class had to bounce the big red ball in the air as many times as possible in a minute. If they dropped the ball, that would be it. 9E did sorta well...

The sky looked nice, by the way. Just putting it out there. The way the clouds were, as the sun shone on us...ahh, it felt good. Then all of a sudden, the Year Nines were playing volleyball with the big red ball. I was both confused and shocked at how quickly everyone went to the two sides. 9E and 9D vs the other year nine classes...boy, it was flying everywhere. They were cheating, haha, and it was all so weird from there. They also went through the cone that bordered us and them, and I was getting frustrated. This then lead me to make somewhat a good catchphrase for the rest of the game:

"Behind the cone!"

Ahh, never been prouder of yelling instructions during sport. Really gets the blood moving and the heart pumpin', y'know?

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