Monday, 4 July 2016

The First of June (Part 1)

I was cold. The morning was cold. I could see my breath when I blew into the air. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Into the school, and everyone else felt the breeze coming through. It was almost like a rainy day, except without the rain...
Only the cold experience going everywhere. Winter was here. And what a great start to it, as well - I just didn’t know it would be this cold on the first day of winter. First up, was Mentor, and again, there was something going on with the goals. Mentor finished (I forgot most of it), and I walked over to B12, where Social Studies normally took place.

Ms. Minahan showed the class a picture on the board that showed all the countries in the world with arrows and circles around it, with the words in French. I later found out, with the help of the little caption on the side, that the image showed migrant flow. The arrows pointing at the countries (mostly Western Europe) represented, well, the migrant flow from their original country to their destination.

Art was next. Ms. Andrews was taking over. I didn’t know where Ms. Brayshaw was, she wasn’t mentioned much during the lesson, only the artwork that was to be continued and hopefully finished was the matter at hand. We were still in our pop art unit, and we had to draw dogs with patterns on them, then colourize them (don’t know if colourize is a real word, but this blog is informal, so I can use that word. I meaning the word as in to put colour into the art. You know what I mean, right?

Otherwise, Art went fine. Nathanael wasn’t making up any more trouble this time, and I was making jokes about my artwork, then when presenting it to others, I drew (DOG) on the back and showed them. Pretty smart, right? Ahh, my humour’s starting to off without the occasional the way - I never mentioned this - but Carlos was starting to not like my puns. Well, not like, as in, I did them too much. This is just like last year, when I did too many puns for Stanley and Mehi to handle during Term Three last year - but at least Carlos didn’t threate-well, actually, he kinda did. But, don’t worry, it was a joking kind of way.

Well I think it was…

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