Friday, 8 July 2016

The First of June (Final)

I turned around and, well, it’s none other than Ms. Scott, who collected Carlos and Nathanael. Oooooh. This went for a dark turn - not that they got caught for being truants, but because they became truants in the first place.
As I managed to get through the test, after a long time figuring the questions out, and take a bit of a nap, the bell rang. We packed up and, looking at the door, it closed by itself. Why would it do that? I walked to the door, and through the glass I saw Carlos again.

“Oi!” I yelled, before walking quickly through the classroom door, and I power walked through the narrow hallway. I saw two girls walk through the exiting door, and as I almost came out of the building, the door slammed into me. I stopped for a moment, to gather my thoughts after that little sudden contact with the glass, and continued walking quickly to Carlos. Lunchtime was now, and all that was happening was random happenings near the field. Things always happen near the field, now. Denzel and Tyron were now on the field almost everyday, ever since this little game of toss the tennis ball happened that one time. Knowing that I’m not so good with my throwing and catching (even though I got an Excellence in that for P.E, but that was because it was a test), I decided not to join in on the game because I didn’t want to disturb. I’m being 100% honest, I really am. A few minutes later, I literally walked myself into a livestream that Khorus was doing on her phone, and I saw that Sulaiman was on! Gosh, I haven’t talked to that guy in a while...the only thing he said to me the last time I heard from him was this:

But, other than that, I did mostly nothing during lunchtime. Nathanael was back outside, and he was putting on a show. Reminded me of Life on Mars?:

As they ask her to focus on,
Sailors, fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go...
It’s the freakiest show...

English was after lunch. It was slightly normal. The Reading Responses were due tomorrow, and I was a bit worried. The due date was a while ago, but then it was moved because Ms. Clark wasn’t in the classroom - it was Mr. Papprill (that’s the reliever’s name), the relieving teacher who was with the class for most of that week before. Anyway, I began on my reading response, but as I began, everyone started to go to the library. It was the day to go to the library, so it made sense. In the library, Tyson tried getting me to the table, by gesturing. I refused, for once, because, well, if you had something due the next day, you’d oughta take the distractions away for a bit, don’t you think, reader?

But, then, Ms. Clark found Tyson and Nathanael chatting up a storm, then moved them to the table I was sitting. Crike. Dang git. I focused really hard to continue my writing. I would’ve moved to another table, but that would cause more a library, too, I wouldn’t start a fuss in a library. So, continuing my writing on my Reading Response, I had to put up with Nathanael’s jokes about some stuff, and he offended me in the end…”by accident”...

It won’t sound offensive to you, reader, but it included pizzas.

Don’t ask me what the joke was, reader. Nathanael says he doesn’t know how it would offend me, but it did. And from that joke, things went downhill from there, and it continued for the next week. He got kicked out of Math...was disturbing Music...distracting others during learning, worse than ever before...broke a promise between himself and I.

Then on Wednesday, the 15th of June, after walking out of D2 during the Art session, Nathanael was suspended for two weeks.

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