Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blog Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition #1

From late December 2015 to late January 2016, I participated in the Sumer Learning Journey, where the activities were about a destination in which I chose Germany. The bloggers involved got to explore the different cultures from their destination country and got to post activities they completed related to their destination. I won first place for blogging in Tamaki Primary...quite weird because it looked like I was the only one from the school blogging so I probably won like that...but I'm saying that in a good way! I still came first!

Skip a few months later and I received an email from Ms. Williamson (or Rachel) offering me a place as one of the commenters for the Winter Learning Journey. But first, before I continue on with this story, let me tell you something, reader...

A guy named Iisa had also been given the offer. I just wanted to point out that I actually met this guy last year at the Manaiakalani Ambassador presentation meetings! Hooow weeiiird, am I right? This is almost as weird as that time where my comment on someone's blog was screenshot and placed in someone's presentation, who was also another school ambassador at the Manaiakalani Hui! Ahh, goodness, those were good times...

But, anyway, I need to get to the point. I'm one of the commenters for the Winter Learning Journey! How exciting is that?? :D

But, you know...commenting on other people's blogs...everytime I did that, I'd also complete a task about it. A presentation on making comments on other student's blogs...sooo, why not do it like this! It'll be good for more posts (because since I'm out of Tamaki Primary and in college now it's hard to make posts about learning when everything's going different places), I know'll also mean I can show you what I'm commenting on! So here we go, reader! The first presentation on Blogging Commenting: Winter Learning Journey Edition!

You might need to go full screen if you need to read anything. The font's quite small in some screenshots...

NOTE: This is also my 1200th post! I forgot to mention that! Yay!


Dorothy said...

Hi Willy
I'm pleased to see you on the commentary team. I suggested to Rachel that she invite you and Iisa as you really understand the power of blogging.
From a teachers perspective the Summer holiday programme was very successful. I wrote a post about it on my own blog. I wonder if it would make sense to you ?
Basically the kids who blogged (the blue line in the graph) had way better easttle Writing test scores than the kids who didn't. (The red line in the graph). You might also notice a mention of you in the post!

Mrs Burt

Mrs Manuyag said...

Hi WIlly,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts around being asked to be a commentator - what a privilege! I really appreciate your honesty around the difference between blogging your learning when at primary school, and blogging your learning when at high school - maybe this is something we need to look into at a primary school level to help children get prepared for, before going to high school. I can't wait to follow your "Winter Learning Edition Journey" - you go WIlly!
Mrs M

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