Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A New Challenge...

Hi, reader.

I've decided to go on a new reading journey these school holidays. This will totally be helpful for whenever I have a new reading response due, so then, that way, I actually have a book, in which I have read! Properly!

Just over a year ago, I challenged myself during some school holidays to read one of my Duffy books "Canterbury Quake" by Desna Wallace. Since then, it has been my favourite book. There were some moments that were pretty much a tear-jerker; it really made me pretty sympathetic towards the main character, having gone through the earthquakes and aftershocks in Christchurch between 2010-2011. Now I'm focusing on "Hostage" by Karen Tayleur, written in 2009, based in 2009 Christmas Day, after a girl is taken hostage by a guy after a disagreement at a chemist.

I'm going to attempt to read the whole book, while also posting out chapters of what happens in the book. It's a Thriller, so it'll be a thrill to read! Haha, oh, goodie, this is going to be good. Well, hopefully it goes well, in the posts, because the chapters' lengths vary on where the main character is...but anyway, I'll be continuing to post about this from tomorrow.

I hope to finish this by the time school starts...but I won't stop reading unless it takes me...uhh...TEN years! Yes, reader...ten years.

Just look at the due date at the bottom! I'll be fine!

Haha, thanks for reading!


Dorothy said...

How did you manage to get that due date? I think it could be well and truly lost by then!

I look forward to hearing your opinion of this book Willy.

Mrs Burt

Willy L said...


I'm sure it was just a mistake from the librarian, but it sure looks surreal, doesn't it? *laughs a little*


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