Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tuesday 31st May - Today I Learned...

After raining for a while, a rainbow appeared in the sky. I was so happy about it. Then it rained again...the rainbow slowly faded away. I looked up at the sky, as the rain poured on me, and screamed, “Whyyyy!!”. To make it simple, it was like doing a skyward scream. In the rain. Gosh, if only someone had a waterproof camera to film that from a higher angle. Standing in the shade, I waited with some other classmates for the bell to ring.

I came into the Mentoring session with Ms. Quigley. It had just been raining a bit before, so the scheduled picture with the 9E boys was cancelled. The reason for another picture was because someone placed their head behind someone else. I wondered who it would be. But, it would have to be a thought for another time, for there was goals to be set! At this point of time, I was confused. I didn’t get into a meeting last week (as in, last week from this day), and Ms Quigley said there would be some goal setting happening after the meetings took place. So, I made up some goals for myself while everyone else did theirs.

French. I forgot to do something for this french poster about an animal of mine going missing, since it was due last week. I didn’t have time to do it last week, because, well, the meetings took over last Tuesday, and French was on a Tuesday, like this Tuesday. Other students started getting their posters out, while I was still working on mine. If it was going to make me look unorganised, I needed to make up for it. Onwards to the lesson, there was some stuff about how to say the names of family members (mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, and all the rest…), and with that, French was done, and I had to remember the poster, and to finish it off. Before I move on, there’s lots of things in the French language surrounding masculine and feminine features. For example, if you’re talking about a male, you would say “Il” (an i and an l), and if you were talking about a female, you would say “elle”. Pretty, uh...pretty...pretty, yes, pretty thing in French. Pretty thing. 

For Social Studies, 9E was still focusing on the Refugee unit. It was focused on learning the European countries, because people moving away from war were going to some European countries like Belgium, Greece, Germany, and all the rest. There was some websites talking about the different countries on the different continents, too, like North America, Europe again, the Middle East, and other places. I made some notes on the countries and where they were (only for Europe at this time, because there was so many countries in that continent), and it ended up being puns for each country. I’ll post a bit of those notes later on.

Towards the end of Social Studies, the speaker went on announcing some stuff about hot chocolates going on for sale. Two dollars for a hot chocolate, flat white, coffee, or any other thing that they said, I forgot what they were selling. Upon hearing, Carlos and I planned to buy one for each of us, but...he needed a few cents. So, moving onto Morning Tea, Carlos and I went around asking people for spare change. Probably twenty cents, not even a dollar. I set up a fictional fundraiser and it kinda worked...for the Carlos Foundation, we both raised a bit of rubbish from the ground, and a few cents.

I then told him I had five dollars.

He gave me a look for a few seconds. I laughed. Then we went to buy some hot chocolate. It was really hot. Sorry for being a bit basic with the description of the chocolate, reader, but it was really hot. Not a bad thing, it was comforting during the walk through the rain. Under shelter, other friends gathered asking for a sip. Royal (well that’s how I spell the pronunciation of his name) had walked away from me and Carlos earlier, and asked for some. I politely refused, and he understood. I had to be fair, right? And the winter season was literally starting tomorrow, so I shouldn’t risk it.

I’ll end this post with a task from English, where the class had to imagine that they were David and were to write an experience for David’s mother. I’ll post my “letter” afterwards. Ms. Clark talked about something with the language used in the letters that she read. No, not language as in curses, but like formal and informal language.

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