Sunday, 8 May 2016

Monday 2nd May - Today I Learned...

It’s been a while since I did this. But, nothing much has changed. First day of Term Two at Edgewater College, and it was almost like the school holidays never actually happened. There was the subject of the school holidays going about from others as I walked by, with my ironed uniform. Walking to the spot where I would normally hang out with my other friends, I made an awkward entrance with my hand signals. After some brief conversations with others, and with other people walking by talking about my haircut (I got a haircut the day before, by the way), and that was pretty much it for the morning.

Health. Something about social stuff and how some of the things we do in our daily lives are influenced by society. For example, you know those snapbacks, and how they have stickers on them? Well, do you keep the stickers on? If you do...why? There was lots of discussion about this idea, and two videos too, showing how it is utterly ridiculous. To keep the sticker on, I mean. One of the videos was from some guy ranting about it, while also taking the stickers off a snapback. Also, the stereotyping of boys and girls: blue and pink, and how for some things we don’t even think about when doing them - seriously! Of course, Ms. Potter didn’t say something like “don’t make your boy’s colour blue and your girl’s colour pink for their baby photo”, it was more like “think about it before you choose”.

Well, that’s how I interpreted it. Science was up next, and there was a new focus! States-I mean, Chemistry of Matter...sorry, I got it confused with States of Matter, something I learned back in Tamaki Primary. Gosh, today was being a bit nostalgic, wasn’t it? It was only the first day anyway! The whole time it was matching the definitions of the topic words with the actual words. I didn’t know some of them, and neither did Tyson, Cezar, and Nathanael. But, Tyson got all of them right...that was weird, considering SMART he is! Yeah! Smart….in Science…..yeah…..


Next subject, because Morning Tea was basically some catching up, English. Oh, before I forget, we had new students into 9E! Well, we already knew them, they came from 9D. Buuuut, they were still new students. Just wanted to point that out in case something...happens...anyway, moving on, Ms. Clark had finally arranged seating plans for everyone in 9E, and although there was some groans and moans and surprised looks by some as they hear the news, we all settled down for the first lesson. It was about our Novel Study assignments, and everyone got their assignments back, with the final grade, and some feedback and feedforward from Ms. Clark. I got a merit as my final grade…*quietly to self* yess….then I read the feedforward….*awkward collar tug* I should’ve done this, I should’ve known that...I know I said that feedforward is good and beneficial for students to improve on something but bloomy and gloomy, that was rough. I’m overreacting, by the way, the feedback wasn’t as bad as I thought. I just need to explain “why” for some parts next time. Good point.

Moving onto Music. To keep it short, because this post is getting long, Music was good. 9E and 9D (well, actually, it’s half of 9E and half of 9D) started learning about the orchestra. Some of the instruments and the conductor. I’ll make a post about that after in the coming days. Probably after Thursday, hopefully. There was some videos showing how the conductor controls the mood of the music, one video showing Mr. Bean! That video can be viewed here, because that was one of the two I remembered. This is the other one, that showed how an orchestra doesn’t always play classical music, as this video shows.

After Lunch, there was Math. Still the same old, same old about percentages and money questions. I must say...I’m still not good in Math. I might need to go back to self studies if I need to, by the looks of it!

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