Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Friday, 15th of April (Part Two)


I ordered myself a steak and cheese pie. Before I say the next thing, let me mention this: Denzel won something from the prize draw, I forgot to mention that. It was a chocolate bar. Now back to that moment. I saw Denzel sit down on the bench (on that spot I was talking about earlier in the previous post), and he held something in his hand. He stared at it, before licking it. The object must've been food. Obviously. He noticed me noticing him as he licked it.
"This was my prize..." he said sorrowfully, holding it up to eye height. I started laughing as he talked about how the chocolate bar came to be. After the little laugh attack, I asked him, "Where's Tyron?"
"He's just over there, at the tuck shop." Denzel replied along those lines, gesturing over to the tuck shop. I swerved around to the tuck shop. About four people in line. Tyron approached us with something he ordered. Well, he approached Denzel. I looked around and realized something...

It was quiet.

Seriously quiet. It was almost like the math test! But, seriously, it was so quiet, that I could hear someone's phone ring from about 15 metres away from me. Weird. Where was everyone? This somewhat felt like the exact opposite of Morning Tea. Denzel and Tyron were with me...but no one else. So, why not check the hall again? If at first you succeed, do it again. Well, of course that's not the phrase, but at least it relates to this situation. Nevermind. I walked to the hall with Denzel, because Tyron went off to somewhere, and after a short break from walking to take a drink of water, I realized another thing. I walked to Denzel to tell him, "I just realized something..." I began,
"What?" he asked,
"I have the wrong shoe on..."

I had my school shoe on my right foot, and my controversial-because-it-doesn't-apply-to-shoe-codes-in-Edgewater-but-also-not-controversial-because-other-students-wear-this-shoe shoe on my left foot. Gosh, I had a brain fog while changing after P.E. Wow. Denzel laughed at the fact that he didn't notice until that point. Walking up to the girl running it (there were more girls but they went off to watch what was happening in the hall), and I did what I always did to get something for free...

No, it wasn't to make up a new discount to let me get something, no, because I'm not really anything at the moment, am I?

It was to compliment the girl! And guess what?! I got a sausage roll for free!! Cooool!! Just hope no one kno-oh...wait...ohhh...

Moving on. I was in the hall! And I saw pretty revealing stuff! A dance competition of sorts. So many students filled up the hall. I kinda see why at college there's no such thing as a whole college assembly. I mean, it was FILLED! More filled than that kind of doughnut that has filling in it. It was that filled.

Some African dances, freestyle dances, dance battles (I think) and twerking. Lots of twerking. With music I didn't normally listen to. But I won't judge that. Towards the end of lunchtime, the last act talked for a bit about the LGBT community, and that it takes a lot of courage for someone who is in that community who performs on stage, and that people who blatantly laughs at that (they said that because, well, I don't know, laughter was heard? I really don't know, they did say we weren't a nasty audience) is a, as they said it, "weak as ....". I can't really etch out either of the letter from the four-lettered-word. But, you know what it is. You just know it.

Everyone moved out of the hall, and I approached my last subject for the greeeaaaat, especially with Nathanael (he's basically the old version of Christopher that looks a tad bit like Taylor from a few years ago) in it. He got escorted out of the Art Room by Mrs. Scott (Year Nine Dean), and I took his paper. Sorry, mate, but it was put to good use...

Richard - Inspired by humans, because we count as animals,
right? I mean, look at the class! (by the way, I was doing this for humour,
and Ms. Bradshaw didn't complain about this!)

But anyways, Art was good. Just good. Not spontaneous or anything special, just completing off some drawings that mostly everyone started on. Lots of glitter around the classroom. There was some on my paper there was some on my bag, there was some on my arm...weird enough, right? Thanks a lot to the Year 10s who worked on their glitter artwork (which looked cool, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt*). I confused one of the Peer Support Leaders for a Year 10 as they walked by, which was quite embarrassing. I should've known they weren't known a Year 10 because they were wearing the Senior Shirt. Nice going, me.

After Art...well, that was it, really. All I had to do now was to get on the bus and hope that no loombands would be flicked. I was wrong. So horrifyingly wrong. But this time, instead of the regular people flicking it, it was some of my friends! It's becoming so annoying, you can literally walk around the spot I go to and I guarantee that you'll find a band every five to eight seconds. Flicking loombands all over the bus. Gosh, it's annoying, just when it happens in happens on the bus. And you can't escape it...

This kinda reminds me of a little (big, actually) event that happened last year. Its one year anniversary is approaching...

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