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Friday, 15th of April (Part One)

Forgot to talk about this with you, reader!


The last day of Term One, for Edgewater College. What better way to start off the last day of the going to your old primary school, or, in my case, Tamaki Primary. To drop off Abby. I had a brief conversation with Ms. Barlow and other teachers before walking back out to Mum's car, so she could drop me off. It took a while. But that was alright. I wasn't that late.

Social Studies was first. This was when I realized that even during the holidays, you have homework! Considering that this is college, I understand that, but wow, SOMEONE should've warned me about this beforehand when I asked them for advice on getting ready for college...SOMEONE....but I took the work, like everyone else, with the guys sitting with me groaning and complaining (don't worry, I've only known them for about ten weeks, so I'm used to it).

Maths was next. Gosh, that was bloody hard. 9E had a maths test. Gosh, did I even mention on this blog that I'm bad at maths? I mean, from last year onwards, besides the mini-games and learning, I was bad at learning about fractions and decimals. Mostly fractions, but moving on. I had my bottle of water with me to sip (sip meaning to drink a lot), and to be was the quietest maths lesson I have ever been in. Or any lesson. It was even quieter...than the library! Towards Morning Tea, Mr. Abeysuriya told everyone that you know, you didn't have to answer ALL of the questions, just make sure you gave an actual try at it.

I missed a few questions.

I can tell I'm going to get a bad grade for maths. I can just tell. I can tell it! *I can read the future, reader!

Morning Tea came along and Denzel and Tyron (two guys I usually hang out with, along with a **squad) weren't at the spot. Spot, as in, the tree area where we would unusually see each other at. Other friends came by and noticed the two weren't with us. I had to make a guess to where they were. Were they already off on a walk? Are they in detention? Did they just ditch me? No, wait! I need to check the hall! There was a draw going on in the hall for the students who attended school everyday since the stamp cards were given out.

Short story, there was this stamp card thing and if you had everyday stamped on there you would be in the draw, so you'd have to avoid being late at all costs. When Tyson and Cezar (I probably mentioned them before in a Today I Learned post) walked into English late, I reminded Ms. Clark about the stamp, and so because of that, they missed out on the draw. Sorry, guys. But I'm not a nark! I was being a..a...reminder, if I could call myself that. Moving on, I didn't win anything in the draw. How surprising. Miss Fortune might've paid a visit, giving me bad luck on this. Even after that, when lollies were thrown out, I don't know how, but I kept getting banana flavoured Starbursts...I don't even like banana flavoured Starbursts! How weird is that?!

After Morning Tea, there was Science. Another test. Dang it. It was about the things 9E learned about Biology. Plant cells, animal cells, MRS GREN (some acronym about characteristics that most animals and plants have), and classification. It was hard on the classification, and I wanted to give up, but Ms. Quigley made me actually think about the classification question. I filled it out. It felt great.

Physical Education. 9E was in the small gym, and we played two games. I forgot the name of the first game, but I'll describe. One half of the class would would be the runners, while the other half would be the fielders. The runners would run from one wall to the other across, then back, while the fielders passed the ball around to throw at them. The fielders were not allowed to move with the ball. But guess what? It was a warm up! Wow! This is where I said that little joke:

Can we cool down after that warm up?

It wasn't as funny as it was supposed to be when I said it at the time, but I laughed a lot. The next game (forgot the name again...dang, I'm never good with remembering names of games...) involved the same teams, but this time, you had to be aware of who was around who, because you could get tagged by a ball from the other team in a click *snaps fingers* just like that, and if you were tagged you would sit down, and your teammate needed to pass a ball to you twice (back and forth and back and forth), and you were back in.

I don't know who won. But I caught the golden snitch ball. Goodness, you've just gotta love the golden snitch.

Whoa. That didn't sound right.

*Disclaimer: I can't predict the future, actually. Sorry.
**We don't call it a squad...well sometimes we do, but it's...nevermind...

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