Saturday, 19 March 2016

Digital Citizenship Padlet

Hi, reader!

Good to get back on the blogging after a while. I've got some catching up to do!

Now, since I attend Edgewater College, let me be honest, I never quite expected that the college would suddenly go through a digital age, and that it would be almost similar to what I did in Tamaki Primary....use a device at school (by the way, I sometimes called the college school because it makes more sense), and use the internet at school, but as it turns out, it was!

But I should've realised that because on the night of Dine and Dance last year, there was actually some digital device evening at Edgewater College, where they might have talked about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and some offers for devices for future Year Nines if they needed a device. I didn't go because, know...Dine and of many times I get to wear something that isn't for the public. I mean, look at how excited I was with Tiere at the event!!

What a good picture, am I right?!
Moving on, devices and learning. Yes, I had brought my device for the first time on Thursday, the 3rd of March, and I was completing this Padlet, in which everyone else in 9E, let alone the whole of the Year Nine students who had a device with them, completed. Just a bit of a note, reader, before you take a read...some of the people online were using Padlet for the first time. And some people had and have ADHD.

My one is on the far right at the top.

See you in the next post, reader! :-)

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