Wednesday, 30 March 2016

30th March, 2013...

Another day, another post! Once again, this is from 2013, back when I didn't realize I could speak to the reader through the screen.


Saturday. The day before the last day of March. This morning my uncle went in his car, but his car alarm came on. I heard it from the inside but when I went to the front entrance, the alarm stopped, then by the time I went back to the dishes, the alarm was on again. I went outside and it turned off.I was watching some shows on the tv. A marathon called, “Build your Easter” was on until 7:00PM. At least I was cleaning the house most of the time. While having my SHORT break on cleaning, I used the laptop.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29th March, 2013...

Wow, another entry from 2013. That I never posted. This one talks about the day after Dad's birthday, which was the 29th of March, 2016. Gosh, wasn't I so detailed with what I did! And it was STILL short, only narrowed down to a paragraph!

Enjoy! Remember, this was typed down literally three years ago on this day...literally!


Friday was a little boring, because my parents, sister, and uncle went somewhere else, leaving just me and my brother, cleaning up the living room for two hours. When they came back, I had a lot to eat. There was egg foo young, fried rice, peas, corn, and mountain dew in different flavours.  When my mum left, I had a thought of looking at lots of OPTICAL  illusions, and I had a lot of changes on my eyesight.  Later, in the night, I was watching movies and some television.

Monday, 28 March 2016

My Dad's Birthday...from three years ago...

Whoa, what a stumble! It's been three years since my dad turned 40 (what a surprise, since he's 43 now), and three years ago, I typed about that day! 28th of March, 2013, I decided to type about what happened. Now, just a note, I wasn't all hyped up about blogging at this point of time, because, well, I was just bored.

Anyways, enjoy the piece, this hasn't been read in three years. Imagine that. Finding something after three years, finding something you forgot about. Gosh, that's weird...


Today was my father’s birthday, and no time was wasted, except for the fact that I ate the last pieces of his birthday cake, I ran to my brother eating half of the father’s present (a chocolate Easter egg), but it was alright. All his friends came to our house, from the time I came to the time I was drinking some of the fizzy drinks from one of his friends. My dad’s brother came, too. The party also had an early end. After the party, and after I ate the cake, my dad went to his friends house until about midnight, really.

Happy 43rd Birthday Dad...

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Turning 43 this year. Another year, another blessing.

Love and laughter are two of the many things that you've given me to make life better when times were tough. Though I got some DNA from you, including looks, you still look good! Thanks for the help that you (and Mum, too) have given me to make me the me I'll always be.

Thanks, Dad.


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Numbers in French!

Hi, reader.

Another Digital Learning Object from my French Class. It was about numbers. I forgot to blog about this thing while I was searching through my Google Drive to find some other document for something else. This D.L.O includes the number, the name of the number in French, and my description of how to pronounce it.

Enjoy! Comment below to give me feedback and, if you can, feedforward for what I need to work on, if you can. You don't have to comment, you can just...scrollll down and read the other posts from 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

9E Science - Biology Vocabulary

Hi, reader.

Just below is a task from Science. 9E was starting a new topic all to do with Biology. We had done a test on 'Welcome to Science' just before, and so now we were here! This topic would require a device for almost every lesson, because, well, I don't know, Ms. Quigley just said that. I only know that for sure, but moving on, our first task was to make definitions of words related to Biology.

Some of the words were parts of a microscope, in which would be one of the equipment that we would use later on....or not, I don't really know what's going to happen in the next few lessons, reader, but bear with me here. The task is below, and the meanings of the words simplified were written by, well, me.


Use the internet to come up with a definition of the word.  Do not copy and paste.  Rewrite the definition so an 8 year old would understand. 

Animal – a living creature that has senses and are different to humans because of their bodies, and they look different, they sound different, they act different us people. They don't the same food as humans

Cell – a cell is a really, really, really, really, really small thing that's in anything and anyone with blood.

Cell membrane – a cell membrane is like a bubble that keeps the cells inside. It has some holes around it to let any liquids or cells move in and out.

Cell wall – a strong wall around the cell.

Chloroplasts – the food producer for plants, that contributes to photosynthesis

Coarse Adjustment (found on a microscope) - the little knob on a microscope (a telescope for small objects)

Consumer (in biology terms not economics) - a living thing that gets energy from other living things.

Cytoplasm – the liquid in a cell. It usually goes in and out of the

Eyepiece (found on a microscope) - the part of a microscope that you place your eye in to see the small object

Invertebrate - an animal that doesn't have a spine.

Mirror (found on a microscope) - object on microscope that makes you direct light at the small

Nucleus – a membrane that contains the cell.

Objective lens (found on a microscope) - there's four of these in an average microscope. They help see the object in different sizes.

Plant – a living organism that is not a creature.

Producer (in biology terms not economics) - an organism that makes its own energy and food

Stage (found on a microscope) - place where the object is placed.

Vertebrate – a creature with a spine.

Disclaimer: some of these definitions are not as accurate as the actual meaning, so apologies if there are mistakes, if any.

Digital Citizenship Padlet

Hi, reader!

Good to get back on the blogging after a while. I've got some catching up to do!

Now, since I attend Edgewater College, let me be honest, I never quite expected that the college would suddenly go through a digital age, and that it would be almost similar to what I did in Tamaki Primary....use a device at school (by the way, I sometimes called the college school because it makes more sense), and use the internet at school, but as it turns out, it was!

But I should've realised that because on the night of Dine and Dance last year, there was actually some digital device evening at Edgewater College, where they might have talked about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and some offers for devices for future Year Nines if they needed a device. I didn't go because, know...Dine and of many times I get to wear something that isn't for the public. I mean, look at how excited I was with Tiere at the event!!

What a good picture, am I right?!
Moving on, devices and learning. Yes, I had brought my device for the first time on Thursday, the 3rd of March, and I was completing this Padlet, in which everyone else in 9E, let alone the whole of the Year Nine students who had a device with them, completed. Just a bit of a note, reader, before you take a read...some of the people online were using Padlet for the first time. And some people had and have ADHD.

My one is on the far right at the top.

See you in the next post, reader! :-)

Friday, 18 March 2016

How to Light a Bunsen Burner

Sorry for being quiet, reader.

The video below will show you what to do to turn on a Bunsen Burner. For Science, during practicals, 9E would sometimes and occasionally use the Bunsen Burner for heating up things like water in beakers or crystals. But the first thing we learned was how to turn it on. Instead of making a drawing, since it would be complicated to start it, I picked a video.


Cool, huh?