Thursday, 4 February 2016

Throwback Thursday #7

Hi, reader.

For this Throwback Thursday, on this Thursday from this week, I go back FURTHER than just a few months. Back in 2010, at Tamaki Primary, when I was just a Year 3, in Miss Kyla's class, Room 8, with quite different hair to the hair I have today, there was this thing that happened after there were THREE DAYS of continuous rain. Trust me, I don't remember quite clearly of another phenomenon that had three days of rain.

Maybe that's because I decided not to remember it and because I remembered that fact from the actual post. Anyways, my recount was posted onto the class blog, and back then, since I didn't know A LOT about the Internet, it was quite exciting to have your work on the class blog! Actually, it still is to this day!

Well, that doesn't happen with me anymore...

To read the actual post, click the image!

Or if that doesn't work, click here...

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