Monday, 15 February 2016

iPad Advice...


If any Year Seven and Eights for 2016 from Tamaki Primary read this, take note of this. There are more things to take PICTURES of, not just selfies of the same people. At a formal event, please make sure that you take pictures of DIFFERENT PEOPLE, it's no use in just taking selfies when...well, how would that be useful?

How would that be useful? I'm not being harsh, I'm just surprised that 18-19% of the Dine and Dance album were selfies of the same groups of people, and some pictures were taken from the same area. There's a video in the album that was quite literally 30 seconds of a group of people just standing around!! 30 seconds that could've been just a walk around the hall, going by people dancing...

But no. Anyways, the real matter over here is just to remember that if you take a selfie and do signs and faces and tongues and all that kind of stuff, it's worth nothing once it's put online. Nothing.

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