Wednesday, 3 February 2016

3rd February - Today I Learned...

This morning I decided to drop Abbie off to school again. I mean, what else could I have done in the morning of the last day of, uhh...last day of the “holidays”. I don’t really need to call it the holidays anymore, some of my friends have started already on college. I heard that there was a lot of walking in Tamaki College for some of them.

Yes, reader. If you didn’t know already, I’m not going to Tamaki College. Instead I’m going to, well, Edgewater College. It’s a pretty complicated story to how I chose that college. But it was my choice! Anyways, moving the morning! This time, I gained the courage, with Loni (old friend of mine, who’s a Year Ten), to go upstairs and talk with some people. Students, and some teachers. Or teacher. And a teacher aid. Ms Aireen being the teacher and Kelly being the teacher aid.

Room 10 looked quite the same, the tables were different, and the displays were different. Nevermind, things HAVE changed...after some talking and discussion about the school with Loni, I went off back home and started to get some stuff ready for my first day tomorrow. Like, you know, getting the uniform ready, getting the stationery, the socks, and a watch too! Pretty cool!

Then Mum, who had came back from Edgewater College to get more chairs, and the supermarket where she does her weekly shopping, gave me my timetable for what was going to happen tomorrow. I was shocked at all the letters! It took me about five minutes to decipher was it was saying, and it made me feel smart that I knew what “SCIE” was, or “SOSC” because of course, it’s Science and Social Science, right?

Tell me I’m right.

No, wait, you’re on the other side of the screen, nevermind.

After a few hours, I went back to Tamaki Primary to wait for Abbie, so I could pick her up. Entering the office area, which by the way still hasn’t changed except for some display changes (probably), I saw Lolo (friend of mine, who is also going to Edgewater College) near the reception. I don’t know why, but I was whispering with him. I remember asking what he was doing. He replied that he was with someone buying his sister’s uniform. Well, something along those lines. Anyway, I walked away from him, to go outside, and walked around the field for a bit.

Not long after, Loni, his mum, his two sisters, another mother (who was the same mother who asked that question yesterday), and her child come into the school grounds to pick up the other children who were at school.

I went off to a tree for shade...then I saw Maopa (I knew it was her because, you was “obvious”) and a girl with weird hair walk in a distance. They were in the school grounds, by the way. They walk off, and I see another person walk by, but this time they were out of school grounds, and by the looks of it, were going home. In my mind it was like:

It’s just nobody, Willy, don’t yell ‘Hi’...

No, do it.

No, DON’T do it.





But before getting a proper thought, I yelled “Hi!” at the person. But, from their perspective, I was behind a tree, that was behind a bush, that was behind another tree, that was behind another bush that looked like a REALLY big plant. So, I used my initiative, and walked into their sight. It was Brandon. You know, squid.

Skip a few more minutes of talking with Brandon about his first day of college, I walk with Loni to his mum and all the rest, and realise it was Starr who was walking with Maopa. Starr walked to me with arms open, and practically yelled happily, “Hi, moustache!”.

I jokingly walk away from her with a deadpan look. But I was kidding, and we hugged and talked. And talked a bit and talked a bit and then, Loni and I volunteered to do a task for Mrs Manuyag, which was to take netbooks to classes upstairs. I was quite tired after that.

The bell rang and I got Abbie, spoke to some people while walking, saw Quitah who did something that made me yell:


I realised a mother and her daughter were sitting at a spot near to the spot I was standing in where I saw Quitah do the thing. Of course I know it was for fun, but I went up to the lady in fake anger, and said, “DID YOU...OH, MY GAW...I MEAN, DID YOU SEE-YOU KNOW WHAT I WON’T ASK, BYE!”.

And I walked home. With Abby (for future posts, remember, I can go back and forth with the spelling of Abbie, or Abby).

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