Saturday, 6 February 2016

5th February - Today I Learned (Part Two)

Skip a few minutes, and I’m outside the tuck shop at lunchtime. It was quite a long wait, and I overheard a conversation between two guys I didn’t know…
“Some Year Nines are taller than you, man…” one guy said,
“I’m still taller…” the second guy said,
I came out of nowhere, and said, “I’m a Year Nine.”, because how I’m tall…
I’m cooler than you…” the second guy said.
I walked off in shame. Then came back again. To buy something.

Then the guy who said he was cooler than me rejected another guy who was walking by asking him something. The guy he rejected walked off in the same fashion as I did. "Wow, you really ARE cooler than me!" I said to him, and he laughed a bit.

It was an juicy ice pop thing. They ran out of the magnums, because the guy who asked, “Some Year Nines are taller than you” actually got the last bunch. Dang it.

I followed T.J, Lolo, Stanley, and some other guys to the field where they were going to do something, I forgot, because the juicy ice juicy stick-like bar was really cold, but then…

T.J walked away from the small crowd. 

“What happened?” I asked him, thinking the thing they were going to do had just fallen apart.
“My’s bleeding…” T.J replied, with the clear picture going over me. I saw blood coming down his nose, just halfway to his lips. “Do you need the nurse? The bathroom? Is it bad?” I asked…….well, not really, but it was something related to that. Then I got distracted by Pate, who wanted me to order something for him. “No, I taking T.J to the bathrooms!” I yelled,
“Come on!” Pate replies in yelling,
“No! It’s too far!” I yelled back,
“Uhh, Willy…” T.J said, “Hurry…” he concluded, and I hurried him to the boys bathroom.

Weirdly enough, they’re outside. Thank goodness for that. T.J said, on the way finding the bathrooms, because I'm still lost, that it was not the first time he got a nosebleed this week. He had multiple in one day! Weird...

When we arrived at the bathrooms, he went into the same stall I went to when I had my nosebleed yesterday. Three minutes passed, believe it or not, but it felt like ten. I stayed with T.J while he was trying to control the nosebleed, while eating/drinking the now icy orange flavoured popsicle block. I still don’t know what it’s called. After a toilet break, a bit of a chat about nosebleeds, and finishing the ice block thing, T.J asked me to get his bag for him. It was a bag with something about Nike on it. Pretty easy, would you think?

So I walked on the field, grabbed a bag that said “Nike” on it, and walked back to T.J.
“This isn’t it.” T.J said, “It’s light blue.”
“Oh…” I said, realising that I had just taken someone’s bag from the field, “Okay...okay...” I said, before walking back to the field to get another bag. Unfortunately, I was going through one of the bags and it was NOT T.J’s, but someone else’s again. Someone COMPLETELY different.

I tried again, this time I was caught going through the bags. I ran away, but found T.J. Strangest thing, now...when I walked towards him...he spat out some blood!!
"Whoa!" I exclaimed, "Are you sure you don't wanna see the nurse now??" I questioned him frantically. Amazingly enough, and luckily, no one else was looking. That would've drawn some attention right there, reader. "I'm alright." T.J replied to me, "It just went down my throat."
"Eww..." I thought, and walked back to the spot where I thought the blood went on. It was on the ground, by the way. But before I could see it, a group of other students practically restrained me from getting to the stain by simply walking the opposite way of how I was walking.

T.J and I walked around a bit and it started to rain a bit. And I noticed that no blood wasn't coming down. "It's because I'm sniffing it in..." he assured me. Oh. Well, skip a few minutes. I bought myself a chocolate muffin that I struggled to eat properly, and T.J found a spot of blood on the bottom of his shirt. You know the first rule of getting a nosebleed, reader, it's: Don't get a nosebleed. Kidding. But the second rule is: Don’t get blood on the clothes. Especially uniform.

After lunch, there was Art. A bit confusing since the first teacher I saw was going to have a baby in a while later on, so there was another teacher that was going to be the, well, replacement, but then she was going to go to something in about ten minutes. So the teacher who was going to have a baby later on was teaching, but what we showed and told her was going back to the replacement teacher. Well I shouldn’t call her a replacement teacher if she’s getting all the feedback to her. Wait...urgh, I just confused myself again…

But everyone in the Art class drew their hands and we completed a short test.

It rained more after that. 

Gosh, I hope this doesn’t become a new thing, how each school day ends with something unfortunate...

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