Friday, 19 February 2016

19th February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

After Lunch, ART was next, and the last subject for the day. In summary….we were writing down the different areas of art, like texture, shapes, points, uhhhh….2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, and some other stuff. Copying them down then testing myself, Mrs. Bradshaw came to me, and I asked, “Can we flick the page over to see the areas?”
“No, no cheating.” she replied with a smile, and at that moment, at the SAME time she said that, Christian looked over at the other page to see what he wrote.

Skip some minutes of hard concentrating, the girl takes Christian’s rubber. I started laughing again. “Don’t make him laugh, he’ll get high again!” the same girl that asked, “Is he in your class?” asked, and that thought made me laugh even more.
“It’s not funny at all, I’m sorry!” I said out loud while laughing my heart out...again,
“Shut UP, Willy!” Christian said, “It’s dry, man….”
I continued laughing, and spat on my book. Dang it. “You’re the man, Willy…” Christian said sarcastically, as I laughed. I can’t believe the teacher didn’t come by and tell me to stop laughing, because this was the second episode of hysterical laughter. I controlled it after one minute, and the girl got me and Christian into a heated argument…

“You guys are boring.”

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed at her,
“Aye?!” Christian exclaimed at her, and then she tries to correct Christian on his drawing, “And what’s this?”
“Oh, okay, go ahead, mock my art.” Christian sarcastically said,
“Sad!” I called out at her, well, in a joking way, I didn’t mean it. “By the way! Your button’s undone!” I told her, as her button on her shirt was undone.
“What the?!” Christian questioned me,
“I wasn’t perving! I just noticed it now!” I defended myself,
“Oh, yeah you did, and you just said it now.” Christian said, making me laugh at the idea that I knew her button was out this whole time. “You’re so rude, man.” Christian said to me, making me go into ANOTHER episode of hysterical laughter. Christian then gets the attention of other guys nearby.
“Hey, hey! You know this guy here?” he said, pointing at me, while I defended myself as I laughed, “I didn’t do it, okay! I didn’t! No!”
“Ohhhh’re the man, Willy!” Christian said sarcastically again,
“Well, hey! Hey!” I said to gain the girl’s attention again, “You have GREAT manners, did I ever say that?” I told her, and the funny thing is, this was a sarcastic comment that I kept saying to her each time she took the rubber.

Also, the rubber was in my shirt pocket...that was smart, wasn’t it.

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