Thursday, 18 February 2016

18th February - Part Three - Today I Learned...

“I’m Willy.” I said out loud to her, continuing the conversation. She stopped and looked down to think. She then asked, “Do you know Mrs Boyer?”
“Yeah.” I replied,
“Oh-” she said, before saying an expletive I won’t type out, but don’t be surprised, reader, everyone swears sometimes.
“Yeah…” I said to her, then I stood up, pointed at her (without hesitation) and in front of pretty much everyone, including Christian and two other guys who usually sit next to him, I yelled out, “YOU WERE SO MEAN TO ME WHEN I WAS IN GLENBRAE!”
Some students looked at me. The two guys looked at me and one of them said, “Sad…”
“I know!” I yelled out, “You are a bloody-” I yelled out more, but stopped because really, I got over it after my family moved houses. I didn’t know what people’s behaviour and body language meant until I moved out of Glen Innes and into Panmure. And if it was bullying that Chanel did, then, well, I didn’t really know and understand properly what bullying was until 2010. But I doubt that it was bullying. Just being mean...

For French, well, until we had to go for our whanau meetings, we watched a movie in which there was a small child called Sebastian, I think. There was this thing about The Beast that these men were trying to hunt down, The Beast turns out to be some kind of dog, who was nice to Sebastian.

That was basically it for French, before everyone went for their whanau meetings. 

I was in Ngata, as mentioned before, and so was Nathanael, Christian, and another classmate called Tyson. The whole hall (Ngata was going to be in the hall, by the way) was nearly packed with people in Ngata, and I was amazed at the turnout. A lady went to the front and talked about some events coming up that would involve the houses. There was going to be tag rugby, some chalk art, some chess, and there was going to be a sports day later on in the next few weeks.

Nathanael and I didn’t join any activities, but, you know, if drawing on the concrete for two hours is cool, I might as well join that. I’ll think about it, reader, don't worry.

Lunchtime. I was picking grass and eating an apple before the guy from the Sommerville Satellite classes approached me, about his crush. After what happened the day before (Wednesday), I was going to try my hardest not to tell her. Then, when the guy went off to his classroom, the girl again came to me, with her “entourage”, exclaiming even more this time since we were outside.
“You know something!” she exclaimed,
“What? No, no, I don’t! I don’t know what you’re, uhhhh, talking about, now!” I replied to her, then Mele came, and I tried to tell her to take her friends away.
“Mele, Mele, why don’t you, uhh, go for a walk with your, uhh, friends, aye?” I frantically told Mele,
“No, no, no,” the girl disagreed with my suggestion, “You know something, and you’re gonna tell me.”
I declined her, and she groaned loudly, “I thought we were friends, Willy...” she said in a disappointed tone, “Thought we were friends…”
“What?” I actually questioned her, “Who said we were-” then I paused to think about the question, “I mean...we’re friends? How did that happen?” I asked her, before she walked off to find the guy.

She didn't.

Gosh, that was tense.

It started to rain as I walked into Social Studies, where everyone had continued on their booklets. The questions in the booklet now were getting more deeper than ever. Talking about my culture and showing it by drawing it, showing my family’s culture. I mean, how do you explain what your family does? That takes a long time to think about it, if you’re like me, since some normal things that my does, are actually culture...based...I think that’s the word...oh, well…

Then it started raining cats and dogs, just rain in the gutters and hitting the windows. One gutter was filled up with so much water, water starting flowing like a waterfall off the gutter. Everyone looked in astonishment at all the rain pouring down. “Ohh noo!!” Cezar (classmate, who sits with me most of the time, like Nathanael) exclaimed, “I’m walking home!!”
I laughed, but obviously he was taking the bus (he usually takes the same bus as me) and then after, walk home, in the rain.

The bus ride home was almost quiet. Towards the end of my bus journey, and during a weird conversation with one of Cezar’s friends and Cezar himself, a guy at the back of the bus yells at the driver to stop the bus! And he was swearing a lot as he got off the bus, and as I walked out of the bus with the guy in front of me, I said to the driver, “I’m so sorry about him.”
“It’s okay.” the driver replied, with a smile on his face. Gosh, I felt sorry for the driver.

At least he won’t suffer from any abuse the next day.

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