Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17th February - Part One - Today I Learned...

I won’t tell you if I came late or not, reader. Because I forgot….okay, I came a bit late for the mentor session, but that’s alright, that’s alright.

I’ll just go straight to the Social Studies. It wasn’t a normal lesson today, the Peer Support Leaders (some from the tour around the school, and some other leaders) were going to split 9E up into different groups and then have a scavenger hunt! I was excited, since I was starting to get to know the school a bit more after the official welcoming last Friday, so I had no hesitation going into any group I would get into. By the way, one of the Peer Support Leaders were called Seri (or Siri, I don't know, I forgot, sorry), and I asked if he was into Apple. Get it?

Skip a few minutes after the start of the scavenger hunt, and my group was the, uhh…

Well, you can’t expect me to tell you where we went specifically. I know I laughed a lot while trying to get into the nurse’s office (or something along the lines, I forgot what the name was for the building), and it took a long time to get a signature from the people needed to get a signature from Patricia (who is GREAT at guiding), so we all went off. Nathanael (right spelling, by the way) was doing something on his own, and I was thinking if he was in my group.

Before I could finish making my thought, I had to catch up with my group (through skipping, since running would make me feel weird, but that didn't help at all, too, haha) moving onto the next thing on the list. Skip a few minutes of walking around in circles, and I checked the time once every few seconds just to keep track, as we were going to have to go back to Block B at 10:00. It was about 9:58. The group was in the office and they were trying to figure out something about a signature or something. I completely gave up on helping since it was too hard (I was tired, actually), and just followed the group to class. I had a great time following them, though, skipping around the blocks instead of running (heart syndrome, by the way, sorry for mentioning it), and trying to help the best I can…

My group didn’t win, by the way. I had the chance to run out of the classroom with the prize because, well, the prize was literally sitting in front of me. Not kidding, reader. And the group were confused to whether Nathanael was in the group or not. He said he was, but...Tyson (classmate, who's known Nathanael for a couple of years) disagrees. I got mixed up and accidentally convince most of the team Nathanael was just left behind. 

In defeat, and confusion, I walked out the classroom, walking to the next class, which was Art. My French buddy friend was with me, sitting next to me (his name is Christian, by the way), and he was doing a good job on his sphere. We were practising lighting and tones by putting it on a circle, then making it into a sphere, but I wasn’t doing a good job, in my own opinion.

See, Christian’s sphere was lighter than mine, but he could move on, and we were probably not the best people to make spheres. He even said that. But the fact that his LIGHTER sphere finished before my DARKER sphere...I mean...I….wha...that is spherism right there, reader (mixture of racism and spheres, because saying racism wouldn’t be the right word). We laughed and worked a bit until a girl, probably out of nowhere (not literally) “asked” for Christian’s rubber.

“Can I use the rubber?” she asked, before swiping the rubber off Christian’s side of the table.
“Oh, okay, then…” Christian replied to her, exhaling deeply. He hadn’t even said “Yes” or “No” to her request. She then threw it back to him, not saying “Thanks”.
“You’re welcome!” I said back to her.
A few minutes pass by, and the girl takes the rubber again.
“OH!” exclaimed Christian, “OH, OKAY.”
I laughed at the sight that it happened again. By this point, Christian and I were planning something to hide the rubber. Christian held the rubber up next to his face then said, “Let’s hope she doesn’t do this again.”
“Yeah, let’s hope.” I said with a grinning smile. To my surprise, the girl turned to Christian and asked, “Can I use the rubber?” before swiping it off Christian’s hand, leaving Christian with an empty hand next to his face. I start guffawing while saying “Sorry” repeatedly.
"Shut up, Willy." Christian said, "How is this even funn-"
"IT'S NOT FUNNY, I'M SORRY!" I said out loud in my laughing. "I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!" 

My head was on the table at this point.

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