Tuesday, 16 February 2016

15th February - Today I Learned... (Part Two)

This time for music, everyone in the class were split into groups of three to fives. I was with some people from 9E, and one student who I forgot the class they were in, or the name. Sorry about that. I’m not good with names. Unless they tell the name to myself countless times when I have time. We did a quiz competition thing where we would guess a song.

The guess would have to have:
  1. The artist/band.
  2. The actual song/song title.
  3. The decade it was from.
  4. And a guess at the place on the Top 50 at the time.

And yes, it would have to be in the Top 50/40/30/20/10/5/3 at the time. Except for one song by Queen, but that’s not the point. The point was, to get as much points as possible by getting the right answer. My group’s name...Confusion. Good name, I know, I picked it myself. The first round, ooh, not so good, we were living up to the name…

Second round, though, we were getting through. And throughout the next few rounds we scored a few points. Then came a round where we could choose to give the points we received to a group, or take points off a group to get in the lead. I, being the nice guy, thought about this. Although, Confusion was in the lead against another group. “Uhh…” I thought,

Think about this, Willy...you’re standing in a good opportunity for the win. Literally standing. And the points are getting smaller and small for the other groups. Come on, be the nice guy for once. But, gosh, just use this moment to go for the win, I mean, each time you let someone in front of you, you always never came first! Like the line at the tuck shop, remember that?
"They ran out of the magnums, because the guy who asked, “Some Year Nines are taller than you” actually got the last bunch. Dang it."
Okay, maybe that doesn’t make much sense, but just do it for fun, Willy! Do it for FUN!

So, I did it. Then, after two rounds, WE did it. Confusion won! Yay! All because of that mean gesture.

Lunchtime came along...but this time, I didn’t talk to myself about random stuff and eat my food, I stood up and ate my food, with someone. I mean, talk with someone, sorry, not eat with someone. The person accused me of not liking him and another guy (jokingly) about the fact that I walked past him, even though we were looking at each other. In my defense, I just came from the tuck shop and had bought a pie. Yep, still buying pies.

Walking around the box seat thing, I “pulled” Caprice’s hair to say hi. I guess that’s her way of saying hi. She gave a normal hi back, anyway. Then the guy accused me of liking her! Wow! That escalated quickly! 0 to 100 in half a second! But I tried to change the subject of the fact that John Key did that to women and girls for some time, and HE didn’t have personally feelings for them.

Something awkward occurred, and I was now in Maths (in Block E) with Mr Abeysuriya and, well, 9E.  I learned more about what to do to subtract and add fractions, which I’ll post up later on. It felt nice to know what to do, but I hope I can remember what to do if I get into a question similar to questions I answered. After the maths lesson, it was the end of the school day, and all I could think about is if I could get to the bus early this time before there’s a big line.

There wasn’t. I went on, swiping my AT Hop card, and sat down to wait. Lolo walks by, and so does Stanley, to sit at the back. Mele, Ma’asi, and Cavhyon wait outside while the bus driver is trying to sort out the payment system. The bus stops running for a minute for the bus driver to sort out the money. Then, miraculously, he said, “Everyone, just come in…” and everyone who was waiting inside...CAME IN FOR FREE. Gosh, the machine thing had to malfunction at this point of time…

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