Tuesday, 16 February 2016

15th February - Today I Learned... (Part One)

I came in almost early to school today. Good. I sat with Patricia (classmate, and also apparently knows Mehi! I don’t know for sure) for a while before going into Block E, and finding E6 for Health. I sat by myself pondering on what I could do today...

Maybe I could make a few jokes if I get the time during some lessons to others, or maybe should I take the silent route? Science was after Health, so I got to prepare myself for any disturbances (like the devices) as soon as possible. I also thought some other stuff like what I would do in the break time...should I do the same thing and sit and eat, or should I go for a walk? I shouldn’t walk around a bit, what if I find her...nevermind, it’s not impor-

The bell rang. Everyone came in. We sorted out our tables and began the lesson. It was about Hauora, well being. The class (9E) also talked about different areas of Health into the areas of our well being, being physical, spiritual, psychological, and social area. Some talk about other areas like drugs and alcohol and, uhhh, chemistry. Don’t get worked up about me saying that, reader, I was told by some people I would get to learn about this.

Gosh, that made me sound weird. Moving on from Health, Science was next, and I was feeling happy...that I did my homework on Sunday, which was also Valentine’s Day. The device I was using actually worked with me, what a miracle! Then I used paper and penCIL to draw out some of the, uhh, things and equipment in the laboratory. Then Morning Tea came. I ate my lunch, and some students went by, and I said “Hi.”

Along with some other guys nearby sitting by me, I sat there, on the same box seat thing, before walking around a bit around the buildings and such. Then, before you know it, as I sat down, the bell rang and I walked to English. Everyone in 9E was writing down the things to do when we arrive to English, and that’s quite smart, in case I forget about one or two of the steps, I know where to look. In my English. After writing, reader, (get it?) the class talked about the different areas of English. Listening, reading, writing, presenting, talking, and something else, but I forgot. But, hey, I remember MOST of them!

But as I was getting through the lesson normally like a normal Year Nine would get through an English lesson, the phone in my pocket made a sound. Ohhh, gosh, dang, it. I thought I turned the blimmin’ phone off, but nope! Just decided to make a sound that ended with me getting the phone confiscated for the whole lesson. I wasn’t sad after that or anything, it’s usually in my pocket in case mum calls. And that’s literally for after school now. And I couldn’t put it in my bag because, well, my bag’s ruined. Already. After seven official school days at Edgewater College, all the weight from the books and other objects have taken its toll on the bag.

Poor bag. Anyway, Cezar (another classmate who I sit with sometimes) got seventeen correct answers for this test about words and language and writing and stuff (figurative language, if we knew what assonance was, what consonance was, what a metaphor was, all that stuff). Amazingly enough, Cezar gave up halfway through the time limit and matched anything with anything. But we didn’t win.

Another pair got sixteen correct, and they won. Wow. I’m sure it wasn’t a competition or anything, but it seemed so weird, haha. And I had a brief talk with Ms. Clark (English teacher for 9E) about my phone. Well, technically it’s not mine. My own phone’s at home, but it ran out of credit, so I’m going to sort that out someday. Next...music!

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