Friday, 12 February 2016

12th February - Today I Learned...

Oh, dang it.

It’s finally gonna happen.

I’ve only been at this school for about six days...

I’m late, but this time, since I’m not technically “new” anymore, I’m going to get in trouble.

Oh, no.

Dad’s rushing in the car to get me to school quickly while also abiding by the road rules.

We arrive, five minutes after nine. “Dang it.” I think, as I walk away from the car.

I walk through the office, but it’s a bit busy. Nevermind. I walk outside, to see students walking around. Wait...students walking around after nine? It’s about six minutes after nine, where I walk to Block B, where some of my classmates are sitting outside near the trees and stuff. I walk to Patricia (classmate) and before I could ask her what’s going on, other classmates called me over to a rap battle.

The guy who I only as the guy who gave me a pen that was broken said his rap, then I said something that made all the guys say “WHOOOOOAAAA” and call me a god. That was weird. Social Studies was first, where everyone completed the next task in the booklet worth four points for something important. I wish I knew what it was. Then, after that period, there was a powhiri for the Year Nines, and the International Students. Walking to the marae (there’s a marae in the school, if you didn’t know) with everyone else, while the International Students were walking in their own group of...people…

There was a chant going on, songs played out, then a man came out speaking on welcoming the new students as Edgewater College students. At least that’s what I think he said. I’m not being rude, but it felt powerful. Then a man representing those who weren’t of Maori (including me, and probably some of the Year Nines and International Students) came out talking on behalf of us, and after that there was a song that was familiar to me and some people (He Honore), and after that little song...there was food and drinks! By that I mean a cookie and water but that was worth it!

Morning Tea was normal. I did my normal routine. Walk, sit, eat, drink. Gosh, my bag was starting to give up from holding all this stuff. It’s not even Week Five yet and I’m thinking of getting a new bag. Wow. And that’s basically all I thought. The beeper rang. Science.

I did the homework, yes I did. And so did Tyson, classmate, who had done the homework, too. The other guy on the other hand, Nathanael (however you spell it, I don’t know how, sorry) was behind a bit. But the most suspenseful Shortland Street cliffhanger-like-sort-of-not-really moment was when we were just about to go onto a page, when Mrs Quigley (Science teacher and Mentor) looked at one of us and practically growled us and warned us. But we all knew she was talking to one person.
“Are you talking to me?” asked Tyson,
“No.” answered Mrs Quigley, but she didn’t give any indication to who she was talking to instead. Nate (I’ll just call him that for now) and I were confused, so, out of nowhere, I pretended as if she was talking to me. I nodded my head a few times.

I walked out of Science in Block S and continued to P.E at the Gym. Changing into my P.E gear, it felt loose. After a bit of a talk with the teacher, Ms Potter (or something like that, SORRYYYYY), everyone went into different coloured teams according to the colours on their, uh, bands around them, and we played a game that involved teamwork and co-operating. I was in the green team. And with my heart syndrome, I had to walk, or power walk, through the game instead of run. It was tempting to run at some times, but then, you know, it got a bit hot so I might as well just start walking.

I can remember laughing and trying to get the other team out. I was bad at it, but so be it, I was close enough!

Then we played dodgeball. Yaaay. I was in green again, but also, we were teamed up with the red team I think? Yeah, the red team. It was SO action packed, a ball was coming towards me and I athletically jumped in the air. I haven’t been in that situation in a long time! Then I got out...dang it...but I caught a ball! I forgot what happens when you catch a ball while you’re out. The others said I was back in! Yes!

Long story short, I was sweating, and I changed in a toilet stall instead of the actual changing room because I needed to do a number one. The stall I was in couldn’t close properly, so, “athletically” close the door with one leg while doing my business. How cool yet sounding extremely weird saying that to you on my blog, reader. Sorry.

At lunchtime, I remember that I sat at the wrong side of the box seat I usually sit on. There was a guy who was literally screaming like a girl, two guys playing around in a different kind of way, two GIRLS (who I know) who were playing around in a different kind of way, and just some arguing and rejections. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who thought that. A guy who I met during the powhiri was feeling the same way, and we talked our way through the different scenarios.

We then stood up and walked a bit, laughing and talking. I learned that he was kind of good at narrating people’s lives in the next few minutes. I mean, predicting what was going to happen to the person in the next few minutes. Then another guy came along, who I met yesterday, and we talked about birthdays and half-birthdays. All was cut short when I was laughing, then Caprice called me over. She actually called me over this time. I walked to her and her group with a fake smile, and she gave a fake smile, and she asked “Do you have food?”. 

The following is a reconstruction of my thinking at this moment of time.

You do have food.

You should give it away.

But she slapped your head, dude.

You know what to say...

“No,” I answered Caprice, “I don’t, sorry. It’s finished.”
But she knew I was lying, “Oh come on, you’re lying!” she replied to me, as I walked off,
“Well, sorry, I can’t!” I said in a louder voice so she could hear me, “Besides, you slapped my head yesterday near the library!” I reminded her, and walked off a bit more,
“I was saying HI!” she replied as I walked, then I couldn’t see her because a plant was blocking her, so I bent down to a little gap hole where I could see her,
“Yeah, you said hi! With a straight face!” I quietly yelled, then walked off. I knew that wasn’t a good line to end it with, and reader if you knew what happened in the past with Caprice and I, you would understand.

Art came after that, and the class was going to draw a sphere. A sphere with shading and lighting and all that kind of stuff. It was hard, and confusing, but my buddy (the same guy from French) was doing a smart thing. He had put the book on its side so could clearly see the instructions on how to make a sphere, while I had to move my head to see the pictures properly.

It was hard, but worth it. I wasn’t almost finished, but I did and tried my best. And my buddy let me have his pencil I borrowed! That was nice!

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