Monday, 29 February 2016

French Alphabet (D.L.O)

IWLT (I Was Learning To) - try and do the French alphabet.

Hi, there, reader.

I'm doing French for this year as a Year Nine, and this is a D.L.O (Digital Learning Object) about the French Alphabet. Note: this wasn't the FIRST thing that I learned in French, it was more of an introduction to the French language, and then phrases in French, and I just decided to do the alphabet here!

Surprisingly, the letters of the French alphabet are not so different to the English alphabet. The only difference here, is that the sounds and pronunciations are different. Really different.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Hi, there, reader.

The first learning D.L.O for 2016. It is about Adding/Subtracting fractions. I forgot to do a D.L.O for SUBTRACTING fractions, but for subtracting fractions, it's the exact same thing, except subtracting them. You just need to find a common multiple of the two denominators. That's basically it. I think that's right. If it's not, don't hesitate to comment below.

This was adapted from my maths book...

Monday, 15 February 2016

iPad Advice...


If any Year Seven and Eights for 2016 from Tamaki Primary read this, take note of this. There are more things to take PICTURES of, not just selfies of the same people. At a formal event, please make sure that you take pictures of DIFFERENT PEOPLE, it's no use in just taking selfies when...well, how would that be useful?

How would that be useful? I'm not being harsh, I'm just surprised that 18-19% of the Dine and Dance album were selfies of the same groups of people, and some pictures were taken from the same area. There's a video in the album that was quite literally 30 seconds of a group of people just standing around!! 30 seconds that could've been just a walk around the hall, going by people dancing...

But no. Anyways, the real matter over here is just to remember that if you take a selfie and do signs and faces and tongues and all that kind of stuff, it's worth nothing once it's put online. Nothing.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentines Day. I would babble on the origin of this holiday, but I did a presentation that took the whole day to make, so enjoy. Hopefully.

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hi, reader!

Something cool happened on Friday! And you probably know what was going to happen according to the comments section of a particular post earlier this year. Also, earlier this year, I was part of the Summer Learning Journey, and came first for Tamaki Primary, even though I'm now an alumnus of the school, and Friday was the day that I was going to receive the prize.

I forgot that Friday was the day of the prize receiving, because I was at school, but luckily enough mum and dad was at home where the lady (Ms. Williamson) came to give my prize. Gosh, I was excited! I was in the shower when I remembered and the prize was SO worth it! There was a note with the German flag in the back with words from Ms Williamson, some lollies and chocolate, an apple pie and a spicy apple cake, and some other stuff!

I forgot what else was there, and forgot what the actual name of the cake and pie was, I just ate it with my family and it was nice!

Thanks, Ms. Williamson!

By the way, I took the pictures of just two of the prizes because I was rushing...

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

10th February - Today I Learned...

To like fractions again...

I wasn't a big fan of fractions, to be frank. It all started (weirdly enough) in 2013. During a fraction car game. Since the start of playing that game, I completely flunked in fractions. That wasn't a great game for me. Then the next year I learned something REALLY important that would've helped with fractions, then I forgot.

Learned something about fractions and decimals that seemed EXTREMELY important - then forgot. Now I was here, in Maths class, listening to Mr Abeysuriya talk about a strategy for how you can order three different fractions. I can't explain the whole strategy - because it's past eleven, but I knew that I felt happy that I knew the strategy to help me order fractions.

Now I wish I would think faster when I do that IKAN-like test.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

5th February - Today I Learned (Part Two)

Skip a few minutes, and I’m outside the tuck shop at lunchtime. It was quite a long wait, and I overheard a conversation between two guys I didn’t know…
“Some Year Nines are taller than you, man…” one guy said,
“I’m still taller…” the second guy said,
I came out of nowhere, and said, “I’m a Year Nine.”, because how I’m tall…
I’m cooler than you…” the second guy said.

5th February - Today I Learned...(Part One)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

4th February - Today I Learned...

Throwback Thursday #7

Hi, reader.

For this Throwback Thursday, on this Thursday from this week, I go back FURTHER than just a few months. Back in 2010, at Tamaki Primary, when I was just a Year 3, in Miss Kyla's class, Room 8, with quite different hair to the hair I have today, there was this thing that happened after there were THREE DAYS of continuous rain. Trust me, I don't remember quite clearly of another phenomenon that had three days of rain.

Maybe that's because I decided not to remember it and because I remembered that fact from the actual post. Anyways, my recount was posted onto the class blog, and back then, since I didn't know A LOT about the Internet, it was quite exciting to have your work on the class blog! Actually, it still is to this day!

Well, that doesn't happen with me anymore...

To read the actual post, click the image!

Or if that doesn't work, click here...