Sunday, 10 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Extra Activity: Germany Flights

Hi, again, reader, bringing you a post just a bit after midnight. I wanted to complete this quick extra activity because it just seemed to challenge my thinking...even though the instructions were there to make things a bit easier to know how to do the activities...

Now, even with the instructions, I still struggled to find out what to do. So, I went like this...I changed the local currency for flights to the capital of the destination (Frankfurt was the apparent capital of Germany, and I thought it was Berlin, but nevermind), and I think it was JUST for Germany (the designated country I was going....with Curious Kiwi).

Below are the three different flights/prices from three different airlines that would take me to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt, Germany
Air New Zealand
1,877                [EUR]
Frankfurt, Germany
Singapore Airlines
1,990.06          [EUR]
Frankfurt, Germany
2,082.22          [EUR]

Now I had to convert the currency to the New Zealand dollar. And this was the result:

Frankfurt, Germany
Air New Zealand
3,133.62          [NZD]
Frankfurt, Germany
Singapore Airlines
3,322.37          [NZD]
Frankfurt, Germany
3,476.23          [NZD]
What I have to do now is to tell you, reader, which flight is the cheapest and which flight is the most expensive. The cheapest flight to Frankfurt is the Air New Zealand flight, which costs $3,133.62. The most expensive flight to Frankfurt is the Emirates flight, costing $3,476.23. That's alright, right? I'll pick Air New Zealand to get a cheap flight out of them.

Did I do it, right, though? I feel like I did, but there was this BIG list of flights that made me think that I should do the currency change for ALL of the flights, but I picked Germany, know, I picked Germany, so I'll do Germany. There.

Nevermind, I'll do the whole list later on....just give me some time, reader, please?


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

You did a masterful job with this very tricky task! Yes, we were asking you to convert the currency from Euros (the currency they use in Germany) to New Zealand Dollars (our currency) in order to determine which flight would be the cheapest. It appears that Air New Zealand is the winner. They really are a great airline and you can now hop on board and to Frankfurt. (Please note that you are right in saying that Berlin is the capital of Germany. Most flights, however, from New Zealand fly into Frankfurt, rather than Berlin, so we chose to use Frankfurt for this activity).

I will look forward to following your travels as you set out to explore this vast and interesting country. You will have the chance to learn a bit about the language, culture, foods, customs, holidays and politics that are common in German society...

Viel Gl├╝ck!


Willy I said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the info about the Berlin-Frankfurt thing. I didn't know that most flights go to Frankfurt until now. It makes sense now. I'm going to be posting the third day a little later, I just need to figure out the weather for Frankfurt and Germany and I'll be on my way!


Katharina said...

Dear Willy,

I agree, Air New Zealand is a good choice! I always enjoy flying with them a lot! Do you know, which stop-overs there will be on your journey?
I think it is very interesting that you can travel either via the States or Asia and still arrive at roughly the same time!

Just as a very slight note to the Berlin-Frankfurt question: Did you know, that Frankfurt could have become the capital in 1949? There was a vote whether the capital of the western part of Germany would become Bonn or Frankfurt. In the end they picked Bonn.

Enjoy your trip,

P.S. Maybe pack some Marmite, if you enjoy eating it, as it is hard to buy over here.

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy and Katharina,

It's wonderful to see that we're all blogging together from different places! Isn't the world an amazing place?! Thanks for the helpful feedback re: Marmite and the info re: capital of Germany. I am learning so much just by blogging with you guys!

Looking forward to more blogging in the next few days :)


Carolyn said...

Hello Willy,

Sorry to be posting a comment so late! But I am excited that you picked Germany, because I am now living in Germany! I flew into Frankfurt when I arrived here about 6 months ago. I had to do a similar task to what you have just done, to try and work out what the best flight would be! At that time Cathay Pacific was the cheapest.

About the weather... well, it has been rather cold here!! We had -9 degrees last week... it is hovering around 0 today though, the snow that was on the ground for a week has now mostly washed away with the rain we had yesterday. So... enjoy the heat and Summer in NZ right now! :)


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