Monday, 25 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Day 13 - Activities One and Two - Public Holidays...

Hi, reader. I’m almost at the end of the Summer Learning Journey! Here’s activity one...

Imagine that you are visiting the country on their national day. On your blog tell us what you would eat, what you would see and what you would do to celebrate the day.

I’m visiting Germany on its national day. I would walk around the capital and enjoy some sausages and some potato salad. Walking around, I would see some locals celebrating with their friends and family. I could even go to a local gathering to celebrate the national day, enjoy some activities, some more feasting.

It feels like a great day with everyone doing something to celebrate...

Activity Two:

In New Zealand our national holiday is on 6 February. It is called Waitangi Day. What do you do to celebrate Waitangi Day? Do you go somewhere special? On your blog tell us what you do on that day.

I sometimes do a post about Waitangi Day. Like this one here. Or mention it. Like this one.

That's pretty much it. My family do recognize it and we talk about it for a bit. But we just stay home...

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

I love that you were able to reference a past blog posting for this current blog. You have clearly been (and continue to be) a prolific blogger. It's really inspiring to see! I hope that other students at Tamaki Primary will follow your lead next year and that you'll be able to continue to set such a great example of hard work and constant dedication to blogging in high school.

I also hope that you and your family have a lovely Waitangi Day. Our family is heading to cathedral cove for the day to have a picnic and walk around. We've never been there before and the long week-end has given the opportunity to head over and spend some time in the Coromandel. It should be a lot of fun!

Happy holidays (while they last)! I hope that you are able to enjoy your final week before high school starts. Are you feeling excited about the next year?


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