Friday, 22 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Day 10 - Activities One and Two

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Hi reader this is Week THREE, the LAST week, of the Summer Learning Journey, and this is the first and second activity, HERE WE GO!

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BUT, before I go further, I do want to point out something...I’m not really a sporty guy.

Take a picture of yourself playing one of the most popular New Zealand sports and upload it along with a short caption describing who is in the picture, the sport you are playing, and why you like playing it.

This is me a little while ago playing kilikiti. I like playing it (well, I just play it for fun) because my family loves this game. In case you want to know, I almost hit the ball out onto the neighbour’s yard!

Usually, like some websites say, and it’s quite true, the way the ball goes after it’s hit by the bat, it’s unpredictable where it goes.

Kilikiti (pronounce it quickly: kih-lee-kih-tee) it is gaining popularity in New Zealand across many pacific islanders, mainly Samoans, as Kilikiti originated from Samoa, and is regarded to be one of the national sports of the pacific nation. It’s a variation of cricket, and usually the rules of the game are made by the people playing. It’s a bit confusing, but you get the idea once you play a lot of it.


Write a short paragraph describing your sporting hero. Who is he/she? What sport do they play? Why are they your favourite sportsman or sportswoman?

I don’t have a personal favourite because I’m not into sports, BUT I would have to say Jarryd Hayne. STANLEY, IF YOU’RE READING THIS - WHICH COULD BE A MIRACLE SINCE YOU SAY MY POSTS ARE LONG - I SAY JARRYD HAYNE BUT I AM NOT A DIE HARD FAN OF HIM.

Sorry about that, just putting something out there in case Stanley sees this. He’s my friend, I had a blogging war with him one time. Then Patosina came out of nowher-nevermind, let’s move on.

I chose Jarryd Hayne as my technical sporting hero. It’s probably because Stanley did a presentation on him and it had this inspirational video about him, and how he left N.R.L (National Rugby League in probably Australia because I don't know A LOT about it) to do N.F.L (National Football League in America, again, don't know much about it). Jarryd Hayne played rugby league, before, once again, leaving to do football league. It’s cool how far he’s gone and how much he’s achieved, achieving his dreams and having a good time doing what he loves to do, HAVING A TRUE PASSION for what he does.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

I want to commend you for embracing the challenge of posting two blogs about a topic that you are not overly familiar with. It is not an easy thing to do and yet you did it with aplomb. Well done!

I really enjoyed the description that you provided of the photo in which you are playing kilikiti. It is not a sport that I am familiar with, however, I did see drive past an entire sports field full of Kilikiti teams a few weeks ago. I think that they must have been participating in a large tournament that lasted for a few days in a row. The sports field was in Pt Chev. It looked like everyone was having a great time!

Speaking of great time, Jarryd Hayne certainly had a great time when he first started his year with the 49s team in San Francisco. It appeared as though he ws going to have a great season but, from what I understand, he's struggled a bit recently. I haven't been following his story as closely over the past few months, I must admit. I do follow American football quite regularly, though, as I used to watch it all the time when I lived in Canada. It is one of a few sports that I truly miss playing/watching on TV now that I live in New Zealand!

Oh, well, it's a small price to pay for living in such a gorgeous country.

Wishing you a lovely week-end. I hope that you're able to get out and enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine. I can see it streaming through my window although I'm currently inside blogging so I'm not sure if it's really as gorgeous outside as it appears to be from here!

All the best,


Carolyn said...

Hi Willy,

To echo what Rachel has said, I also want to say well done for blogging about this topic. For "not really a sporty guy" you have written a great post, with lots of information - sounds like your friend gave a very good talk indeed! I also don't know much about NFL - I wonder how tricky it is to transfer to a different sporting code at an international level - it must take some time to adjust! It was very interesting reading about Kilikiti - and that the rules are usually made up by the people playing it. Does this mean that different families will have different sets of rules... so if families get together or you play with friends, you have to have a bit of a chat about which rules people know, before you get started with the game?


Willy I said...

Hi Carolyn,

To answer you question, there's sometimes a chat about the rules and such, but sometimes when playing with other families, we would chat about the rules as we play it when we spot a, uhh...a strategy being used wrong, or where the ball goes out, or how many runs you can run, maybe you can run as long as the ball doesn't get back, or maybe you can run a limited number of runs.

It also applies to friends as well, sometimes everyone knows the same rules so there's not much chat about them.

And then sometimes, if there is a tournament or something, there'll be some rules set there. Well, that's what I know, I haven't been to a tournament before, but my dad has! I made a post about his team and they won the tournament some time ago.


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