Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Activity 2 - Top Ten Things I Would Take To Germany (suggested by Curious Kiwi)

Hi, reader! Welcome back to another activity from the Summer Learning Journey tasks, in which I travel to Germany (the country I chose to go) with Curious and complete tasks on the way!

Here's the activity...

Activity 2: Curious Kiwi really wants to help you pack. He has prepared a list of the things that he thinks you will need to bring with you. Read through the list and choose 10 items (Your ‘Top 10’) that you would definitely take with you. Post your ‘Top 10’ list on your blog and briefly explain why you would take each item.

Now, I saw the list, and this is the result:

A Top Ten...

Number 10:
A sun hat for a bit of protection from the sun. Sun protection is always important! Well, that's if the sun can warm you up during the winter...

Number 9:
T-shirts, because I can't wear one shirt through the trip, can I?

Number 8:
A camera to take the photos, though I'm quite forgetful with cameras, so that's why I placed it at Number 8.

Number 7:
Mittens for keeping my hands warm...that's about it...

Number 6:
Jerseys at number 6's going to be cold in Germany...why not wear a jersey...???

Number 5:
Pants. I picked pants because, well, who wouldn't pack their pants for a holiday?!

Number 4:
Boots are at number four because it could keep my feet protected from the cold weather in Germany...

Number 3:

Number 2:
Snowsuit, because, why not? Right? It could get REALLY cold and walking through the cold temperatures can be a bit of a struggle if you're not prepared.

And Number One.............

A phone. I mean, I need to contact loved ones and friends to tell them what I'm up to, and it's important, don't forget!

Honourable mentions go to snacks, a passport, and snacks for the journey if necessary. Don't know why I never included passport in the list, but it just felt like something I'd put in my pocket.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

I really enjoyed reading your list and your rationale for each item. I had to laugh when I get to number 3 (Socks) and you clearly felt that it was so self explanatory that it didn't bear any description at all. I agree that socks are a pretty obvious choice, particularly given that you had listed boots as item #4!

I like that you are thinking about how to best protect yourself from the winter freeze. I certainly wear a snowsuit when I am back in Canada over the winter months. I used to wear one almost every day when I was at university because I was able to skate from my house to school each day. I simply walked down the local river (called the 'Rideau Canal'), put on my ice skates, and skated 2 kilometres down the canal to the foot of the uni. I was always joined by many other students who also skated to school and then took off their skates and carried them into the classroom. We had a large area at the front door of the room that was allocated for skates. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but after moving around the world and living in different places I can more fully appreciate just how special (and unusual!) it was to use skates as my mode of transportation to/from school!

How do you get to school? Do you walk or take a bus? It's interesting to me that so many kiwi students take public buses to school. At home, in Canada, there are designated school buses that most children take to and from their primary school.

I am not sure what the convention is in Germany. Katharina, how did you guys get to school when you were younger? Did you walk with your brothers, take a bus or catch a lift with your parents?

Looking forward to learning more about Germany as we go!


Katharina said...

Hi Willy and Rachel,

sorry for being out of touch for a while.
It was my dad's 60th on the weekend and we had a great celebration. He invited friends and family and we had an Italian night (at least food-wise) with minestrone, pizza, pasta, salad and tiramisu. Germans love Italian food! What is the most popular food at your family gatherings?

I agree with Rachel, Willy, you made a great list of things to pack and you are absolutely right, that you should have your passport at hand and not stored in your suitcase. I just thought better be safe then sorry and remind you of it :)

Did you know that Germans call their cell/ smartphones 'handy'? It is one of my favorite examples of words that we use a lot and that sound English but actually mean something completely different to a native speaker.... So don't get confused if someone asks you for your handy number :)

Wow Rachel, I never knew that you ice-skated to school. That is sooooo cool. I am just smiling at the thought of you packing your rucksack (which is actually one of the few German words that made their way into the English language) and skate to school. I used to either walk or bike to school.

Looking forwards to catching up on your adventures,

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