Saturday, 19 December 2015

Year Eight Leavers Movie

This is the Year Eight movie that was edited and done by Ms Kyla, with some images taken by me. She gets the full credit, and I wish all my Year Eight colleagues and friends the best in their upcoming learning journey in college next year, and I hope to see at least most of them, later on.

Please enjoy the video. It was a walk down memory lane...kind of reminds me of the day before the end of school this year, where Teina, Fa'amanu, and I were standing in the hallway near the library, reminiscing about our years at Tamaki Primary. It was truly distracting (in a good way) and radical. 30 minutes were spent just looking at the pictures. So cool :')

By the way, to break the formality...check out that thumbnail...pretty...pretty cool, am I riiight...notice that there was no question mark, for effect...

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