Friday, 18 December 2015

Thursday 10th - Prizegiving...Part One...

Class of two pictures...

Thursday 10th.

Two days after Dine and Dance.

Four to five days before the end of the term.

It was Prizegiving, the graduation ceremony for the Year Eights.

In the morning, I come to school, in my uniform, and everyone's getting set up. The school hall was being used this year, because the hall at Sommerville was being used for something completely different. I went upstairs to the classroom to import the Dine and Dance pictures and videos. It took a while, then Maui took my back to the hall. We all practised the Year Eight song on the stage.

And practised.

And practised again.

And practised again? I forgot how many times we practised, *laughs a bit*.

And finally we had a break. I went to change into this aloha-like shirt. And beige pants. Moving on, everyone was talking and chatting and playing games on phones and-whoa, what? Games on phones? Who would do that during a crucial time like this? Well, apparently, some people were. Not mentioning them, but they were. But it's no use of getting in trouble now.

Plus, I was bad at the game they were playing. Not kidding. We were walking out to do the recycling, and I was playing a bit of that game. I thought that if I just focused on the game then I would be good. Didn't work. Because I realised I had to focus on walking properly, and not bump into anything on the way to the recycling bin. Skip a LOT of minutes of practising and a final lunch, before getting outside to get ready...

We got ready! Outside the hall at the back, parents and past students of Tamaki Primary were sitting patiently, waiting for us. We said hello and hi to some other past students of T.P.S. My parents came by to the hall, and even though I knew they were there, some people still couldn't resist saying, "Willy, look your mum!". But it was different for my dad. "Is that your dad?!" was the main question for when dad was walking in.

That was weird.

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