Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Great...Second...Part! The Great Second Part! Sleepover At Tamaki Primary (Part Two)

Dinner was on! Yay! Although I forgot to bring something for dinner....

Whoops......that was awkward....

We all (Khorus, Teina, Mehi, Mele, Chardonnay, Deandra, Shantai, Brandon, TJ, myself, Brodie, Viliamu, and some other people I forgot, sorry) dig in after a prayer and a blessing, and gosh, dang, Brandon was taking almost ALL the oranges!! TJ was taking some, and so was I, but, if only I had a picture of the many oranges he had.

It was just so much, reader....sooo muuuch...

I was a bit full after the dinner, so why not just walk out of the hall and pretend to play with everyone else?? That would actually help me digest a lot of food! Now, due to some malfunctioning with the importing with the iPad i used to film some moments of the sleepover being deleted, I can only describe what happened.

We kicked some rugby balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and it was a good time. Me and Quitah had turns kicking some balls around (get your head out of the gutter, reader, if you're thinking about that), and throwing them around, and...well, losing them...well, this sounds awfully wrong to me for some reason. A minute later I see that everyone's playing tag with one of the sports balls.

Teina's in, and as I was filming, I repeatedly shouted "DON'T HIT ME I'M FILMING!!". Amazingly, I didn't get hit. Although I had a number of times where I ALMOST got hit. But luckily I just jumped. Jumped in the air. Jump around....da da da...jump around...cue the bagpipes, pleeeease...

Stanley came. I ran for a hug (for no reason) and got rejected. Skip a few minutes of recognizing songs and singing them wrong, it was...well...I don't know how to put it was sunset time. I don't know how to call it, but I knew that sometime later we were going to watch a movie. Going right ahead to the movie, it was first Everest. But so many people got bored at that, we then watched Inside Out. I like that movie...actually, I liked both movies. I like any movie that gets me distracted from doing nothing.

Lauren also comes mid-way through the movie. Just a heads-up.

I get a drink outside, and I encounter Danisha (who hadn't come to school in a LONG time) and some random guy, yelling my name and whatsoever. Kelly (cool teacher aide, like really) takes me back inside, and I am not lying at all. Now we couldn't play spotlight. Dang it, Danisha. No, nevermind, just dang it.

After the movie, everyone said their goodnights and went to their tents. Literally. except for me (I stayed in the music room, not lying), everyone was outside in a tent. And I had a weird dream which, if I remember correctly, was at an airport!

If you were an adult that was at the sleepover, you know what I'm doing. Hopefully.

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