Monday, 7 December 2015

The Great Starter! - Sleepover At Tamaki Primary (Part One)

So, hi, there, again, reader!

After Waiwera, everyone was pretty tired. I was a bit tired. And wet. On the way back to school, I didn't realize that the togs I was holding was actually wetting my pants. It left a stain that even convinced ME that I wet my pants! Wow, doesn't this remind me of something else...

"Uhh, can't really, say anything at the moment...I wet my pants...with...with the water, didn't pee my pants, that's not right."

If you don't recognize that...that, uhh, dialogue, it's from that Speech Post from the Manaiakalani Hui from this year. I suppose I'd tell a quick story. I was drinking water and some of it spilled on my pants, I think. It was a bit of an accident. So I went to the bathroom to fix my pants, and-wow, this went downhill quickly. Accident...went to the bathroom...fix my pants...moving on, my pants dried up when we came back...

And to skip two hours, I went back to school for the sleepover! There weren't as many people as I thought there would be, probably enough to fit into three tents (as in, two big tents and one relatively small one). When I came in, there two tables set up, and I was greeted by some of my friends, as I looked around to see what to do.

I had to help set up Viliamu's tent. Not the most best way to start the evening, because I never knew how to set up a tent, but oh, well! I helped put it up, and even with the condemnation from the other guys and girls setting up their tent, Viliamu started giving up hope. It was mostly this person who I will not name under any circumstance, because that's just too private, but HE was mocking the tent.

I realized that it was HE that was putting down Viliamu and his tent, and I sprung into guilt mode. "Great start to the evening, mate..." I say, shaking my head. Before you know it, a few minutes later on convincing and encouragement, we finally set the tent up! Well, not according to Cavhyon's mum. She helped, and took a picture of us!! She was really nice!

Moving on, I walked around to see the other tents. Yep, there were now three big tents and two RELATIVELY small tents, one of them (Cavhyon's as he just set up) was proposed to actually go into one of the big tents (which was Brodie's). That was weird.

But moving on, dinner! In the NEXT post!!

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Fine said...

Hi Willy,

This is a really cool, and funny story. It's also very interesting...Where did you guys have a sleepover at? Sounds really cool by the way. Keep up the awesome work :)


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