Friday, 18 December 2015

Teachers Only Day - December 4th

On Teachers Only Day, I came to school.

Again. Whoops. But for good reason. I was going to this little presentation to show my perspective of digital learning. I had to explain, using a presentation with pictures, digital learning and how I'm what people say, a star blogger. By the way, reader, even with a presentation with images representing what I was going to talk about, I actually made up the "speech" as I would call it, as I went on, using the pictures to guide me.

Thanks for the tip, teachers. Mostly Ms Aireen and Ms Kyla, if I could mention them.

Me and Ms Kyla (Ms Aireen wanted to come but you know, paperwork, reports, end of year stuff....and paperwork) went to the place of where the presentations were taking place, which was May Road School in Mount Roskill. Over there, there were a few adults with laptops and chromebooks and other devices, and two other guys who I saw before.

Mr Winter and Mr Hopkins, I think their names were. Anyway, Ms Kyla and I came in just as Mr Hopkins was talking about something, and just as I thought I would sit down and get prepared for what might be half an hour of his talk, he just ended his presentation!! Just like that! Thanks to the internet!

Thanks, internet! Now I had to present my presentation without any proper preparation.

I went up....stood up, actually.......went near this screen that had the first slide to my presentation....and talked....

I talked about my inspirations for blogging, how I came to be the blogger I am now, the class site, and some other learning stuff, OH! And Learn, Create, Share! And my film for the Film Festival this year. The video below doesn't show ALL of what I said, but what I said towards the end, with some questions!

Can you watch the whole 11 minutes?

Thanks to Mr Winter and Mr Hopkins for sending the actual video in so I can access it!


Mrs Burt said...

Thanks so much for representing Tamaki Primary and Manaiakalani so professionally Willy. You are an inspirational blogger and we all look forward to what you share in the holidays and from your time at college.

Willy I said...

Thank you, Mrs Burt!


James Hopkins said...

Willy, you are a shining star and I cannot thank you enough. I will bookmark your blog and continue to share your learning and perspective. You spoke with incredible passion and maturity when you visited the teachers being hosted. They left stronger and clearer in their objectives having met you. If ever an opportunity arises for us to collaborate again, I will be sure to take it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an inspiration! James

Willy I said...

Oh, thanks for the thanks, Mr Hopkins. Thanks for having me over at that presentation! I had a great time talking about my learning and reminiscing my time as a digital learner at Tamaki Primary. Thanks, again. Have a great holiday.


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