Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Special Day - At the Venue, Where It Begins

It took a while and a bit to get to the parking spot at the wedding venue. We had just passed a man who asked if we were going to the wedding. Mum answered yes, and he said that we would have to drive to the “bottom”, like, waaayyy at the “bottom” and then turn left. We didn’t understand the whole message relaying. Well, I couldn’t. I’m just saying “we” because Mum was turning in different places.

She turned here, she turned there. She turned into dead ends, and into cars. And before you know it, we ended up at the same guy! Skip a few minutes later, and you get us parking in the parking lot, space, thing. I forgot what it’s called. Oh, nevermind, nevermind, on with the story.

Below are two pictures I took while walking into the building. I’m not a good cameraman, but I try! Oh, how I try hard...reaaalllllyyyy haarrrrd. It’s a tough job having everyone call you a camera boy. Or cameraperson. I don’t really kno-moving on, we were inside. Mum and Dad got the programme on three sheets of paper. Stapled together. “Whoa, this is looonng!!” my mum said aloud, looking a bit shocked, then looking at dad.

Knowing that this was the first ever wedding I’ve ever been to, I sort of agree with that statement. It said 7:30 on there I think. That was going to be a bit long.

Nana went over to the seats where the actual ceremony was going to be held. Abbie went over with a girl who was a flowergirl. I forgot to mention, my sister was a flowergirl! I was sitting down, with my parents, as they were talking about things about the wedding and stuff like that. A few minutes passed, and the MC (Master of Ceremonies) came walking past the guests, giving an early notice to sit down for the wedding.

Minute forward. I was now standing up, camera in hand, ready to snap a picture and shoot a video. Next to my mum, I whispered a question like,
“Are we going to sit down after standing up?”
“No…” my mum whispered back.

Dang. I was going to stand for the whole first programme. But that’s alright, if I could stand through my first wedding as a guest, then I could be proud, to see my uncle get married while standing up, with a camera. That was a pretty long sentence. Abby and the other flowergirl she was following walked forward first. Then a few more flowergirls.

Now, forgive me, reader, I don’t know the names of the people that walked by. But, in my was my first wedding I’ve ever attended. Maybe that was a good defense. Some music in the background. After the bridesmaids walk past, the bride walks down the aisle with her father. They walk down the aisle.

Everyone was standing, by the way.

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