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Why It Is Important To Celebrate the Last Term... | My Speech

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A few weeks ago, well, a couple of weeks ago, Room 10 started on their speech presentations. We actually started writing them last term, and were expected to practise during the holidays. I was busy with the film and stuff, and so I struggled a bit, finding a good subject and then trying to type it down into key ideas.

But I got there in the end. I really did. Just a week before presenting, I made a speech in which I never expected to write about. And included one of the most weirdest and accidental things ever: the chicken and the egg. No, it's the race metaphor, it's different.

Below is the video of my speech. Now, the time limit of our speech was about 3-5 minutes. My speech was about 6 minutes. BUT, I bet it wasn't the longest one. If it is, well, then, wow. But if it isn't, phew. I'm quite known for pretty long posts already, can't afford to be known for talking a lot. Well, except for giving speeches at those Manaiakalani Ambassadors talk-things, and have been an MC for loads of things, but...nevermind...

Here's the presentation I used, along with my actual speech. Keep in mind that I added stuff in for the actual video of my speech, so don't be confused of "new words" popping up in the video that may be different to the written speech.

Hello. Greetings to all. Yep. That’s my greeting. And this is my speech.

But first off, a joke……..why did the chicken cross the road?

Because of you….now, back to the speech….

I will talk about how it is important to really embrace our last term here at Tamaki Primary. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. It’s our last term, ooh, ahh, what can we possibly do about it? We’ll just wobble around and waste our last term doing stuff and saying “YOLO”. Don’t do that, I’m not encouraging anyone to do that. I will talk about a variety of things that may or may not help some student people in this room like attitude, learning, creating, and sharing, and time. This will be short and sweet. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

As a Year Eight, we all experienced some major changes in our final terms at T.P.S. We’ve gone past Term One, Term Two, Term Three, now we’re here. Although what hasn’t changed throughout our last year here is probably our attitude.

Our, attitude.

Now, if you want to change parts of your attitude, well, just remember, a positive attitude is not all about displaying a phony smile, a happy face and a perky disposition. That’s from a website. It’s all about changing our perspective in our daily lives, and don’t forget our school lives, and getting to the world like “I’m the boss! Not really, but I won’t lose hope!”

FACT: You are always responsible for how you ACT, no matter how you feel.

FACT: The teacher’s attitude towards you is based on the attitude you give them.

And if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. Because complaining a LOT will end up with an attitude. It’s like a circle.

And making sure that with this kind of attitude, we can have a good, safe, and cheerful last term.

Along with attitude, learning is important. Learning, as in, the different areas of learning. Learning, creating, and sharing. With the learning, it’s important to realize that most of your life starts from here. In school. Learning the important things, and with that, we can create to show our creative thinking.

And when creating, it’s more better to actually make it your own. By then, blogging it, or sharing it with others, it would look great! By great I mean something that you can say that you did that and you took the time to do that.

And also don’t forget about time, as well. Like, right now. We don’t have much time left, even with two months, and with the speech, a few minutes, or maybe I’ve gone over the limit, but we don’t have time, so why would you waste that time? Time is what we want most, but what we use worst, a quote said by William Penn, an English real estate entrepreneur, and quite true, really. Because time is going fast, and we will leave this school in two ways: in a good way, or a bad way, and I will not be the one person to tell you that you have to pick the way you want to leave this school, to leave a mark on this school before leaving for college.

If you choose good, well, good on you. Growth mindset, I don’t know what else to call it.

If you choose bad, well, change that choice. If you can’t, change your attitude. Reference!

So, in conclusion, I believe that it is important to embrace our last term. So if you’re wanting to change your attitude or perspective on your school lives, then take these words of wisdom into your mind, Don’t waste time on somebody who doesn’t have time for you. All great achievements require time. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. A positive attitude will get you anywhere. And, with some helpful advice….don’t be an egg….don’t be the chick with the attitude...because...the “chicken mother” will not be able to raise you properly, and by that I mean the people who are trying to teach you something...and you might get lost without them when they leave you to be responsible by yourself.

Now, I ask you now, did the chicken cross the road?

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