Monday, 23 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015 - Evening Session (Part One Since This Is Long)

The Evening Session...

Part One...

So, from where I left off, we arrived at Sylvia Park, in the parking lots inside the building. You know what I mean, the parking lots where you go up a ramp then you enter this really brickpla-nevermind, Whaea Petra parked the car. I was just enjoying the beginning of the song "Irresistible" by Fall Out Boy. Gosh, I haven't heard that song in a LONG time.

We got out, and we walked to the cinema. Chatting and patting through three of us, I was just walking normally calming myself down. Yes, I know, I said before I wouldn't be nervous, but come on! It was PARENTS this time! And also, it was my first time presenting. By the way, never thought I'd present movies in the Manaiakalani Movie Festival in front of people.

Are you proud of me, Mavis? Are ya? Get the joke, because Mavis was a presenter for the Manaiakalani Movie Festival before? Well, I'm her cousin, by the way. Wow, something new to learn! About me!

We arrived in the lounge place thing, the place outside the theatres, and there were a lot of people there! And I was struggling on what to do. So, I followed Mehi, Maopa, Lauren, and STAN. There was this gaming room, and I was walking around, wondering what to play. But then I realised I didn't have any coins, so, I went to the game I really am bad at - air hockey! But, STRANGELY ENOUGH, I beat Stanley! Then I beat Maopa!

Then Lauren beat me..........jus...jus...j-just get your eyes off this line, reader...

I forgot the phone I had to check the time. So, Whaea Petra and I went back to her car to find it. On the way we talked about how I could upload the pictures on the phone onto a netbook to free up some space. I've tried to do that, by the way, I didn't just listen to the teacher without trying. At least the pictures that were on the phone are online now. But the phone wasn't mine, though. At least I freed some space!

When we got back to the car, I expected the whole search to be all "Where could the phone be? Oh no, it's deep in the covers of the seats, I'm gonna need to dig deep and try to reach it....aaarrggghhh, I can't reach it, I may need backup, Whaea Petra!"....

But this is what happened...*opens door*
"Okay, now, where could i-
*finds phone instantly*
"Oh, I found it!"

That was anticlimactic, wasn't it...Whaea Petra and I then walk back to the group. I forgot what was going on, but I knew that me and Stanley took a selfie! Well, I thought I didn't take a picture...I did...then Stanley probably took a selfie deliberately. *You decide who took it better.

I walked further and realised that there was a performance about to start. A guy behind me gestured me to get out of his frame, and I did. I stood on the side, watching on, recognizing Khylie (a past student of Tamaki Primary, now current student of Tamaki College) perform with other students a song or two.

Then just as Jonive was performing "What Do You Mean?" with another guy, me and Stanley had to get ready. My film was going to be the first film of the evening! Isn't that exciting to hear! My film going up first, and thank goodness for that, since it would've been awkward for me to present it if it was after other films.

Mrs Burt said that the reason why it was going first was to make the audience "get in the mood". Hopefully that worked out well. It was, as mentioned, the first movie. And to skip a few minutes of impromptu beat-boxing with Stanley, it was time...time to present my movie....

"Hi Stan!"
"Hi Willy! Hasn't it been a great time in our syndicate this year?"
"Oh it sure has! ESPECIALLY since our syndicate is called Kia Manawanui!"
"But Willy - do you think everyone else knows what Kia Manawanui is all about?"
"Well I'll show them - with the FIRST movie, Be Big Hearted!"

Gosh, I never got used to the movie being shown on the big screen. And it's only been about, what, a few hours! It was shown, and so the audience liked it. I heard probably the loudest cheer from the audience. Probably Mrs Komor.

Just don't ask, just...yeah, just don't ask.

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